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Luis Caputo maintained that the failure of the law will not change the economic course

February 6, 2024 – 22:38

”The country continues, and everything is going to turn out well, because for the first time in decades, we are doing the right thing,” the minister wrote.


The government of Javier Milei suffered a tough defeat on Tuesday in the Congresssince the session was adjourned in which article by article of the omnibus lawafter the rejection of several key points of the legislation.

One of the most anticipated reactions was that of the Minister of Economy, Luis Caputowho expressed himself through social networks and tried to bring peace of mind to those who support the law.

Voting or not on the law will not change the economic course. We will not spend more than we collect. And the Central Bank is not going to finance the treasury,’ he began, referring to the fact that, although the law has failed, they are going to support the economic idea.

”That is what will guarantee that the problems of the last 20 years will not happen again. Let’s not dramatize today. We all know that there are a handful of legislators who want everything to remain the same, even though people voted for a change.” he added.

And finally, he stated: ”The country continues, and everything is going to turn out well, because for the first time in decades, we are doing the right thing.”

Luis Caputo’s publication on social networks

Luis Caputo He used, as usual, platform X (formerly Twitter) to establish his position after the fall of the omnibus law in Congress.


Milei’s fury, after the defeat in Congress: “The caste stood against the change”

The government of Javier Milei He received a very harsh defeat in Congress by having to return the debate of his omnibus law. The President of the Nation, on an international tour in Israel, referred to what happened in the Chamber of Deputies and expressed: “The caste was against the change that we Argentines voted for at the polls.”

The president pointed out that “that it will not be easy to change a system where politicians became rich at the expense of Argentines”but reaffirmed that “Our government program was voted for by 56% of Argentines and we are not willing to negotiate it with those who destroyed the country.”

Milei considered that “there are political sectors that resist making the changes that the country needs” and asserted that “We are going to continue with our program with or without the support of the political leadership that destroyed our country.”

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