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We will defend the interests of the province

In the central hall of the Luz y Fuerza union, in the capital city, prior to the delivery of deeds by the Ministry of Equality and Social Development, the provincial leader spoke after criticism from the libertarian president, who accused the governors of “traitors” and “extortionists”.

“We have a commitment and a social contract with Santa Fe and we were always very clear in that sense: We are going to defend the interests of the province and, under no circumstances, are we going to support an increase in withholdings to the countryside or to industry, because that, clearly, is going to discourage consumption and cause loss of jobs,” he explained in relation to the vote of his provincial deputies.

The Santa Fe president reiterated that “we agree that the State must be efficient, that it must reduce the fiscal deficit and, from that place, we also accompany and make efforts in the province. But under no circumstances are we going to support a reform that involves Santa Fe production.because that was our work commitment as well.”

And he added: “As I stated yesterday to the Minister (of Economy, Luis) Caputo and to the Minister (of the Interior, Guillermo) Francos, We are willing to dialogue to find solutions to the fiscal deficit and reduce inflation levels; and our province also has to have sufficient resources to provide the necessary services and the works that we have to carry out.”

After Milei’s threat to adjust mainly to the provinces, Pullaro pointed out that “the president (of the Nation, Javier Milei) and the government of La Libertad Avanza, having minorities in the chambers of Deputies and Senators, would have to deepen the dialogue . We are willing to talk; We are never going to attack anyone or belittle a political position. “Democracy is building consensus and listening to others.”

Maximiliano Pullaro.jpg

Maximiliano Pullaro responded to Javier Milei.

Rejection of the omnibus law: Milei against the governors

The international tour did not prevent the libertarian President from “marking” his enemies for the historic failure in the Chamber of Deputies: on his tweeting night, Milei shared a comment from a libertarian user against the governors of Córdoba and Santa Fe, Martín Llaryora and Maximiliano Pullaro.

“I think that now looking at it cold, the big losers of this are the two governors who betrayed: Llaryora and Pullaro. They were left without: 1) The trust of the government. 2) They lost their entire speech of ‘We accompany the government , we want change´3) They will have to make the adjustment the same, but it will be more abrupt.. The national government is going to stop sending them money. Betraying and not complying will be expensive for them, and mainly for their provinces. They are irresponsible,” said user @TommyShelby_30 on X.

Milei’s strategy, at this time, seems to be that of economic adjustment against the provinces. He thus revalidated it with another “like” of a libertarian comment a few minutes after the rejection: “The rulers had the opportunity to support the law but in the end it turned its back on them, Now a stronger adjustment is coming because the 0 deficit and ZERO emission are NOT negotiated. Now the governors will have to take charge.”

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