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What will happen to the original project when it returns to committee

The Chamber of Deputies sent back to committee the majority opinion of the omnibus law and the session was adjourned this Tuesday. The project promoted by the National Government will have to be discussed again. The path you will have to follow to be treated again.

The decision was taken because the officialdom It did not have the votes to approve key articles of the law, such as the privatizations of public companies, reforms to the debt support law and the worsening of penalties to limit social protests.

With this resolution, the project of 646 articles must begin to be discussed again, since the general approval of the project as well as the approved articles and agenda number 1 fell, in accordance with article 155 of the Rules of the House low.

The motion to return the project to commission was formulated by the president of the Libertad Avanza bloc, Oscar Zago, after which the president of the body, Martin Menem, adjourned the session.

The request for Zago It happened after a fourth intermission requested to seek agreements on the chapter 7 of privatizations and the call for a meeting of Menem with the block leaders.

The ruling party managed to approve the project in general last Friday with 144 votes, and today it was able to vote on the emergency and the delegated powers, but it had a major setback when it could not sanction the majority of the articles of the administrative reform of the State.

What will happen with the omnibus law

According to the considerations of the Chamber of Deputies, when a project returns to committee it must be treated from scratch. This is determined by the article 155 of the chamber’s regulations: “A project that, after being sanctioned in general, or in general and partially in particular, returns to committee, when considered again by the Chamber, will be submitted to the ordinary procedure as if it had not received any sanction.”

In this way, the omnibus bill It must be submitted again for debate in the respective committees on Constitutional Affairs, General Legislation, and Budget and Finance.

Once there, the officialdom will resume the dialogue with the opposition to try to reach new consensus that will allow him to sign a new opinion. If this is achieved, only at that moment will they be able to reconvene a session in the chamber so that, once again, the deputies can discuss their treatment in general.

It is worth remembering that The approval will not be valid in general who obtained the project last Friday, after more than three days of heated discussions and extensive debates in Deputies.

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