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After the failure in Congress and the escrache, Javier Milei decided not to discuss it again

After a resounding legislative setback that left the Government weakened, The head of the bloc of Deputies of La Libertad Avanza (LLA), Oscar Zago, pointed out that the omnibus law is not going to be discussed, by decision of president Javier Milei.

On a day of fury in the Government, with Milei on international tour, far from the stage of the National Congress, where the opposition yesterday dealt a hard blow to La Libertad Avanza, Zago confirmed in journalistic statements that the adventure of the megaproject comes to an end after the defeat, which showed that the meager libertarian troops in parliament are not enough to push the magnitude of the transformations. At least with the confrontational strategy that Milei adopted, far from negotiation and the search for consensus with the spaces willing to accompany the Government.

Milei’s blacklist of “traitors”

Zago thus confirms the possibility that had emerged last night, but that LLA did not want to confirm in the heat of the parliamentary dispute. Today Milei charged again against the “traitors” and with the escrache methods he published the list of the deputies who voted against of the articles that gave him special powers.

Milei said today from Israel that he gave “the order to lift the bill” of the “Bases” law that the Chamber of Deputies returned to committee, after “the political caste will begin to dismember” the initiative, within the framework of the special session convened yesterday afternoon. And he added: “The reason why the project was sabotaged yesterday is because the discretionary allocations to the provinces fell by 98%, which explains the betrayal of the governors, who tell you that they want change as long as theirs does not exist.” is touched.”

The fight with the governors, key to the blow that the Government received, increases tension. The leaders pointed out the lack of interlocutors in the Casa Rosada and exposed the shortcomings in the negotiation process. At the last minute, Milei retweeted what he called an “unmissable thread” from the dubious consulting firm Vuelta de Obligadowho says that the fall of the law leaves him a winner, since it will allow him to “smother” the leaders, who will now go “on their knees” with funds in exchange for approving laws.

However, also the Deputy Carlos D’Alessandro slipped the President’s idea of ​​governing without parliament. “We received news that the Executive does not plan to send any law during the current year,” he said.

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