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Javier Milei declares war on the provinces

With Mauricio Macri crouched as a political lifeline of the Milei administration, The former president is already beginning to pass the ambulance and offers figures from his environment to fill the positions that remain vacant after the crisis over the omnibus law. Last night there was mention of the possibility that Maria Eugenia Vidal falls to the head of ANSES.

Franco Mogetta, Secretary of Transportation of the Nation, is also hanging by a thread in the Cabinet. The Peronist official from Córdoba must implement the removal of subsidies from the ballot announced today by Luis Caputo’s Ministry of Economy, which will have a direct impact on Córdoba, his province.

The Cordovan Martin Llaryora appears at the top of the list of “traitors” of the Casa Rosada along with Santa Fe where the radical rules Maximiliano Pullaro. They will be the two districts most affected by the removal of subsidies and the release of transportation prices, which could rise to more than $1,000 per section.

After the rejection of the omnibus law in Deputies, Milei spread on social networks posts by libertarian users who spoke of a “War declaration” against the provinces. Now the President executes those threats with more adjustment in the districts after announcing that he will dispense with Congress throughout 2024.

A situation of extreme institutional fragility when the Supreme Court of Justice has not yet ruled on the validity of DNU 70/2023, which also deregulated prices in the economy through the release of prepaid medicine and rental fees, all measures with an inflationary impact that shake the deteriorated purchasing power of families.

The Casa Rosada’s dialogue with the governors is broken. The Minister of the Interior, Guillermo Francos, does not have the management of economic relations with the provinces which, via Nicolás Posse, was transferred to Luis Toto Caputo. Martin Menem was disempowered by the opposition blocs in the Chamber of Deputies and the head of the La Libertad Avanza bloc is strongly questioned by his own libertarian legislators.

“The Ministry of Transportation has decided to end the freezing of fares that it had inherited from the previous administration on trains and buses in the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area (AMBA) for lines of National Jurisdiction, thus giving the fare greater prominence in the coverage of costs necessary to operate. In this way, this measure implies a considerable reduction in subsidies that went to companies. Likewise, as of this year, the Interior Compensation Fund is eliminated, whose sums were also received by companies that borrowed the services of the rest of the country, that is, outside the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area (AMBA)”, the Ministry of Economy announced this morning. Milei thus fulfills his warning to continue with the fiscal adjustment outside of Congress and through administrative decisions without parliamentary control.

In addition to the political purge that affects the officials of Cordoban Peronism, the declaration of war by the Casa Rosada also shakes the foundations of Flavia Royoncurrent Secretary of Energy who came to La Libertad Avanza led by the governor of Salta, Gustavo Saenz, former political partner of Sergio Massa and another of those listed on the list of traitors for the rejection of the omnibus law. Provincial governors estimate that due to the elimination of the income tax and the brake on discretionary transfers, they lost more than 3.5 billion pesos in income. Caputo never called them to begin designing a new fiscal agreement and public accounts are burning.

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