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Government made official the call to the Salary Council

The Minister of Human Capital, Sandra Pettovellosigned this Friday the Resolution 2/2024 of the Official Gazette through which he made official the call for the members of the CNSMVM, as well as some details of how the ordinary plenary session will be developed.

The details of the Resolution:

  • The ordinary plenary session of February 15, 2024 will take place carried out through virtual platforminstead of in person.
  • The session schedule is modified Minimum, Vital and Mobile Wage Commission and Unemployment Benefits, which will be at 2:00 p.m.

The Resolution also validates the designation of the members of the National Council of Employment, Productivity and the Minimum, Living and Mobile Wage made by the Alternate President of the Council.

In summary, the rule establishes the administrative formalities of the resolution: communication, publication, registration and archiving.

The objective of the resolution is to correct errors in the call to the sessions of the Council and the Commission, and to validate the actions of the Alternate President and bears the signature of the Minister of Human Capital, Sandra Pettovello.

What is the value of the Minimum Wage

It should be remembered that the current amount of Minimum, Vital and Mobile Wage is located at $156,000after the 8.5% increase in December stipulated in the last meeting of the Advice during the government of Alberto Fernandez.

The increase applied in the last section Last year it was widely below the Consumer Price Index, which stood at 25.5% due to the strong devaluation of 118% applied by the Minister of Economy, Luis Caputo, in the first month of management Javier Milei.

Although it was expected that the call to the Council would take place during the last days of January, the government decided to postpone its call after the strike ordered by the CGT against him DNU and the omnibus law of Milei.

He Salary Council It has 32 members. Among its representatives are the main labor unions (CGT and the two CTA), the business chambers and his own State.

The amount set for the Minimum salary does not impact the value that formal workers in these sectors will earn, but will determine the floor of the retirement benefits and the value of the insurance unemployment, In addition to being an ordering variable for the calculation of the Assignments and the tax on Profits.

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