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Javier Milei danced at the Wailing Wall on his last night in Israel

February 8, 2024 – 20:45

After touring the areas affected by the Hamas attack, the President of the Nation closed his visit by dancing with the locals “Am Israel Jai.”

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In the best Jewish wedding style, The Israelis raised Milei and everyone danced “Am Israel Jai”, which refers to “The Jewish people live.” In the images viralized on social networks you can see the president very happy celebrating with the locals.

At the close of his day in Israel, The libertarian leader visited the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, located in the Old City of Jerusalemnext to Karina Milei.

milei israel celebration wailing wall

President Javier Milei celebrating at the Wailing Wall with locals.

After concluding his three-day schedule in Israel, President Javier Milei will settle in Rome this Fridaywhere on Monday he will have his first meeting with the Pope Franciscoand an audience with his Italian counterpart, Giorgia Meloni. In addition to the Secretary General, Karina Milei, and the Chancellor Diana Mondino, In this section of the tour, the ministers will join the official delegation Guillermo Francos (Inside) and Sandra Pettovello (Human Capital), and the Secretary of Worship, Francisco Sánchez.

Milei and a furious messianic message: What does the biblical passage that he shared on his networks mean?

President Javier Milei continue using your social networks for show up in war footing with the governors while he is tour Israel. In one of his last posts, shared three pazukim or passages from the Biblefrom the book of Exodus, from Old Testament, in Hebrew.

Milei continues her visit to Israel in the company of her sister Karina Milei and a group of businessmen. During his stay he aroused controversy for having announced that he would move the Argentinian embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

During your stayits deputies returned the omnibus law to committees due to the lack of votes to reach an agreement and woke up his anger against governors allies who did not support the project. Since then, the president announced that will not send the law back to Congress.

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