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Mayors of the interior meet next week in the City to unify claims

The mayors from the interior of the country will meet next week in the City of Buenos Aires to unify their claims for the removal of subsidies for public passenger transport. They will try to have the Minister of the Interior present at the summit, Guillermo Francos.

As this media was able to find out, The conclave will be held next Thursday at 10 in the morning at the Casa de Córdoba, located in the Federal Capital.

The mayors gathered in the Federal Network of Mayors will reach there, who on Thursday signed a tough unity document in which they planted a flag in front of the Casa Rosada.

“They will try to establish mechanisms and actions together,” detailed a source consulted. Furthermore, the presence of legislators from the different affected provinces is not ruled out.

Nation and provinces, on a war footing over transportation subsidies

The announcement by the Ministry of Economy comes in the middle of the war between the Nation and the governors, to whom Javier Milei He was responsible for the collapse of the omnibus law in Congress.

Not satisfied with having them as opponents, Now the president also brought the communal leaders into the ring, who for the moment are moving around buckled. They plan to exhaust political avenues but do not rule out going to court.


The Minister of the Interior, Guillermo Francos.

The measure announced by the Treasury Palace was read in the provinces as revenge by the Nation for the shipwreck of the omnibus law.

In a tough document published Thursday, The mayors had anticipated that they would “convene themselves” in the coming days to jointly request a review of the reduction of subsidies. Likewise, they invited the “national legislators of each of the provinces for said instance” to participate.

“There was no formal progress. The first thing we are looking for is to do joint work. Explain and see if progress can be made with a working table,” sources involved told Ambit.

For now there has been no specific refund from the Government. President Javier Milei is traveling to Italy and he will be the one who has the final word.


Thursday, Pablo Javkinmayor of Rosario – one of the cities hardest hit by the removal of subsidies – had a “good conversation” with the minister Guillermo Francos. Together with its counterpart from Córdoba capital, Daniel PasseriniJavkin is one of the main swords of the network.

The mayors want Francos to attend Thursday’s summit to act as an interlocutor before the president. At the moment, Casa Rosada said they were not aware of the invitation.

In the heat of the short circuits of recent weeks, no national official wants to expose themselves to the provinces at the risk that Milei’s refusal will end up leaving them sidelined.

Estimates indicate that, with the reduction in subsidies, bus tickets in the interior of the country would have costs between $1,000 and $1,100.

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