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MEP dollar and CCL rebound but are on track to close a week with strong drops

He MEP dollar bounces this Friday, February 9, and approaches a key value. Meanwhile, the Cash With Settlement (CCL) also keep it up after falling on the previous wheel. This occurs within the framework of a week marked by the debate of the omnibus law and doubts as to whether it will be discussed again, after statements on the matter by the president Javier Milei.

In that context, the MEP dollar rises $6.63 (+0.6%) until $1,190.18, after giving in in the previous round. In that way, the gap with the official exchange rate it was positioned in the 43.2%. Thus, this type of change aims to close the week with a drop from $47.25.

Meanwhile, the CCL dollar advances 37 cents (+0.4%) until $1,249.03. The gap of this exchange rate with the official was located in the 50.3%. In weekly termsthe exchange rate used by companies accumulates a down from $35.94after falling in the previous week.

Financial dollars aim to close the week in decline: in what context?

The parliamentary defeat that the ruling party suffered after the failed treatment of the ambitious omnibus law in it Congress hit the markets and plunged investors into a sea of ​​doubts regarding the implementation of his government plan.

However, after the parliamentary defeat the Minister of Economy, Luis Caputohe said in statements to LN+ that “What happened in Congress is not dramatic. It is not a big problem” and stated that “the law is for all Argentines, it is to deregulate, (…) it is so that the private sector can develop.”

The proposal that It was rejected included reforms in more than 300 standards and allowed privatization of public companies and granted special powers to the president, among other points. However, the ruling party on Wednesday decided to withdraw the project, which Milei later attributed to himself: “I gave the order.”

“The reason for Tuesday “The project was sabotaged because the discretionary allocations to the provinces fell by 98%, which explains the betrayal of the governors, who tell you that they want change as long as theirs is not touched.”said the president.

For their part, JP Morgan stated: “This defeat exposes governance challenges that the government faces and obstructs the ambitious plan to reduce the fiscal deficit to zero.

“Without a clear plan of the future legislative agenda, we believe that This setback will increase political uncertainty and will affect the exchange gap in the short term, which will have an effect on Argentine stocks and ADRs,” he estimated.

How much is the official dollar trading at today, Friday, February 9

He wholesale dollar It is trading at $831.30 per unit, 70 cents above Thursday’s close.

How much does the blue dollar trade at today, Friday, February 9

He Dolar blue is negotiated at $1,115 for the buys already $1,145.00 for the saleaccording to a survey of Ambit in the caves of the City.

Price of the card dollar today, Friday, February 9

He dollar card or touristand the dollar savings (either solidary) mark the $1,359.20.

Quote of the crypto dollar today, Friday, February 9

He crypto dollar or Bitcoin dollar operates at $1,195.01according to Bitso.

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