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Patricia Bullrich proposed that the PRO and LLA redesign the Government together

February 9, 2024 – 09:43

The Minister of Security, Patricia Bullrich, said that “a new political redesign is coming” in the Government that includes Pro as an incorporated part of the Executive.

The Minister of Security, Patricia Bullrichsaid that “a new political redesign is coming” in the Government that includes Pro as an incorporated part of the Executive that directs Javier Milei “Wouldn’t you need a political redesign to incorporate the Pro and La Libertad Avanza (LLA) sectors into a new political formation to make something much more homogeneous and stronger?” asked journalist Pablo Rossi on LN+. “This is coming because the idea is what has to govern, not the political structures. The idea is very similar and we are walking together,” Bullrich responded.

“I don’t want to rush,” the minister said next. “It’s a topic to be debated,” she said to try to tone it down, but she remarked: “I’m pushing that way without a doubt. So that the idea is not frustrated again in Argentina, that the change is not frustrated again. “We cannot afford to have the change frustrated again by the interests that block that change.”

The former candidate for president of the now defunct Together for Change, according to Bullrich herself, maintained that “there are many appointments that are missing.” “There was a lot of time in which we worked on the law and perhaps the priority was placed there, but I think there is a clear awareness that it is necessary to advance territorially on all those spaces that are dominated by people who are not only contrary, but who From the same institutions they speak against the Government and try to destroy the Government from within,” accused the head of the Security portfolio.

“Is there still gnocchi from La Cámpora?” asked journalist Esteban Trebucq. “Of course,” answered Bullrich, who also targeted Daniel Scioli, recent Secretary of Tourism, Environment and Sports, under the umbrella of the Minister of the Interior, Guillermo Francos.

“I think it is important that all the people who are in the Government, especially because of the fight that must be waged, are aligned with the Government. I don’t know if Scioli is aligned. He has been practicing a very different idea for many years,” criticized Bullrich.

Then, he continued: “All of your people are the ones who got up the other day to celebrate that they had voted against the law (omnibus). So what is it? a personal award? He is a friend? The Government today has to align itself politically. This is not a matter of friends. It is an issue that all people have to defend a cause and put themselves at risk for the cause.”

The Chocobar doctrine is back: Patricia Bullrich will restore the use of firearms without stopping

Less than two months after assuming his second term in the Ministry of Security, Patricia Bullrich made the decision to restore a old normative launched during the macrism and that, after the arrival of the Frente de Todos, it was repealed by its successor. It’s about the enabling federal forces to use firearms without having to stop.

As he knew Ambit, the holder of the portfolio Security will announce this Thursday at 3 p.m. at a press conference the reestablishment of the validity of the “General Regulations for the Use of Firearms by Members of the Federal Security Forces”implemented under the resolution 956/2018 and commonly called “Chocobar Doctrine”.

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