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UP seeks to resume the initiative in Congress after the failure of the omnibus law

Since December 10, the legislative bloc of Union for the Homeland was immersed in a paradoxical and uncomfortable scenario: it is, by far, the majority bloc in both chambers but in the first official projects it was excluded by the libertarian strategy of isolating it from the negotiations and dialogue exclusively with the other groups in the Congress. However, the fall of the omnibus law and the presidential escrache to the agreement spaces They opened the door to the Peronist initiative.

In the first two months of management, Freedom Advances avoided direct dialogue with Union for the Homeland and he dedicated himself to agreeing in parallel to their demands. Some provincial interests even eroded the block’s three figures (it now has 99 deputies), with fragmentations that ended up forming the benches of Federal Innovation and Independencebut its wealth of experienced parliamentarians have the possibility of building bridges to break wills in all blocs – even the libertarian one -, in a context where every vote counts.

“There is something they tell me that It had never happened on the block: when we are in Capital Federal we have three block meetings per week, and The 99 deputies spoke, decided and marked the action plan“, remarks for this medium a member of the main opposition bench, who considers that “still The PJ needs to be launched” but highlights that the priority is for the space to sustain an agenda of projects “to generate production possibilities”.

Attentive to the movements of the Government, which maintains the unexpected as a policy, they monitor the possibility of progress in two pillars of the omnibus law without legislative control: debt and privatizations. The deputy Julia StradaFor example, he pointed out that the advisor Federico Sturzenegger He called the Directory of National Bank -renewed last month- “to instruct them convert the bank into a public limited company“. Between the relativization of the viability of a plebiscite summoned by the Executive and avoiding entering into the debate of an improvised bill of repeal of abortionthat did not have the legitimacy even of the ruling party itself Union for the Homeland He is already aiming for the ordinary sessions: in a week the deadline for extraordinary elections expires and there is no urgent agenda.

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Union for the Homeland: an agenda that transcends resistance

The agreement among the Peronist deputies is to prioritize a agenda with a productive and federal perspective. “We will present a hydrocarbon transportation project “which has to do with what the provinces and the industry need,” indicates a parliamentarian from an oil region who separates his proposal from the criticized reform that the Government sought to include in the omnibus lawwhich he described as “mess”. Likewise, it highlights the demand for a “Argentine raw materials lawso that the free availability of inputs does not cause exports of inputs to be at a lower value than that accessed by the national industry.

From Jump, Emiliano Estrada underlines the need to oppose the national paradigm that defunds the districts. “We are going to work so that the provinces can have the greatest amount of resources possible, understanding that governors are not punished but to the citizens“, specifies for Ambit and points to share soybean withholdings, which the Government could not increase and remains at 31%. “Faced with a government that imposes such adjustments on the people, it is difficult to have an agenda that is not specifically economic,” he adds.

In that same line, Victoria Tolosa Paz coincides with an intention of several deputies from the agreeing blocs: share the COUNTRY tax, to “return to the provinces economic resources that they have stopped receiving since the inauguration of this Government and that we know they are fighting and trying to mitigate emergencies.” Besides, will present a project to recover the VAT refund -which the current management allowed to lose validity- but prioritizing “the most affected families in terms of the acquisition of basic basket products.”

Referenced to massism, Ramiro Gutierrez (province of Buenos Aires) will re-promote a wording presented in 2022 that brings together security and heritage. This is the project of Restored Property Lawto “establish a rational system for the administration of assets seized and confiscated in criminal cases of jurisdiction of the Federal Justice”. In this framework, in addition to “guaranteeing comprehensive reparation for the victims”, the aim is to promote the social reuse of assets through citizen participation; and maintain transparency and equity in the administration and the destination of the goods.

omnibus law congress deputies cafiero 31-01j.peg

Union por la Patria deputies during the debate on the omnibus law.

Ignacio Petunchi

DNU: the next battle of Union for the Homeland

Victoria Villarruel was criminally denounced for not calling a special session in the Senate to treat the Decree of Necessity and Urgency 70/2023announced on national television Javier Milei on December 20. The Bicameral Commission who had to issue an opinion on the DNU nor was it formed by voluntary omission of Martin Menempresident of Deputies, and the head of the Upper House ignored the request of the Peronist bloc in the Senate to enable a session to discuss the presidential initiative that is in force in increase in social works, medications, rents, internet services and punitive interest on credit cards.

We expect the signature of more and more senators“says a parliamentarian from Union for the Homeland in the Senatewhere they have 33 seats, four from the quorum. The conflict that opened Javier Milei with the provinces could cost him dearly, because Peronism already had alliances with missionaries and Rio Negros, in addition to being able to convince legislators who entered with their ballot but are avoiding the organic vote. Will the Cordovan come closer Alejandra Vigo? For now, not only Martin Lousteau -senator and president of the UCRwas reluctant to DNUbut there was a detachment in the block of Together for Change: Lucila Crexellwho already showed autonomy in other votes, took a step aside to form a monobloc that responds to the governor of Neuquen.

In Deputies, Union for the Homeland Prepare the ground to receive the project: If one of the two chambers approves the decree, it remains in force. “Our initiative is to reject the DNU“, points out to Ambit the deputy Carolina Gaillardwho adds: “That is our priority today, because many of the issues that were provided for in the omnibus law are in the DNU. The omnibus law was a way to mask the DNUwhich had a lot of resistance.”

omnibus law deputies congress german martinez cecilia moreau 31-01

Germán Martínez, president of the Unión por la Patria bloc in Deputies, together with Cecilia Moureau, former president of the Chamber.

Germán Martínez, president of the Unión por la Patria bloc in Deputies, together with Cecilia Moureau, former president of the Chamber.


The union role, in this case, is one of the most valued: not only because its judicial presentation allowed for reverse to the labour reformbut because of the impact of general strike and the opening to dialogue tables with different parliamentary blocs to avoid reforms that they consider harmful. All the actors add from their space. The territorial reach of the deputies plays, in this framework, an essential role to build an opposition project.

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