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who are the officials targeted by Javier Milei

February 9, 2024 – 1:51 p.m.

The president hopes to execute at least four government officials after the failure of the omnibus law. They rule out adding more PRO allies.

As confirmed Ambit, on the black list are Franco Mogetta (Transport), Daniel Tilliard (Nation), Osvaldo Giordano (ANSES) and Flavia Royón (Mining). “Giordano is going to come out first and with a bonnet,” sources with an office at Balcarce 50 told this medium about the head of ANSES whose wife, Alejandra Torres, voted against some sections of the omnibus law.

However, in the Government they rule out at this time that the vacant positions be filled by the PRO, something that the minister suggested Patricia Bullrich in television statements. “In the PRO they cannot complain, we gave them 2 ministries out of 9, that is more than 20% of the Cabinet, more votes than Patricia got”qualified officials told Ámbito.

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