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Córdoba will maintain differentiated rates for vulnerable sectors

February 10, 2024 – 18:01

Martín Llaryora announced that they will reinforce “budget items in the face of the removal of national subsidies” to support the income of students, retirees and workers, among others.

Martín Llaryora responded be Saturday at elimination of the Interior Compensation Fund dictated by the government of Javier Milei. The governor of Cordova announced what They will maintain differentiated rates for vulnerable sectors reinforcing “budget items in the face of the removal of national subsidies.”

Llaryora announced on his X account (ex Twitter) that will respond to the removal of subsidies “with actions, with work and with respect” and ratified his “commitment to the people of Córdoba.” The thread of posts develops a series of announcements to ensure the continuity of subsidized tickets for different low-income sectors.

“Men and women of Cordoba, I want you to know that this is an enormous economic effort, but It is our commitment, conviction and decision to accompany citizens in the face of the arbitrary measure that the national government has taken in recent days,” the Governor wrote.

These are the transportation tickets for vulnerable sectors that will continue in Córdoba

martin llaryora 2024 cordoba.jpg

Martín Llaryora.
  • Free Educational Ticket (BEG), intended for students, teachers and professors. “In this way we favor the access to education and accompaniment to families, even more so in difficult times such as this deep economic crisis that we Argentines are going through,” Llaryora explained.
  • Social Worker Ticket (BOS)about which the governor of Córdoba expressed: “We will continue to stand by the workers and promote production.”
  • Senior Adult Ticket (BAM)a benefit intended for women over 60 and men over 65.
  • Cordovan Social Ticket (BSC)“for the families who need it most.”

Llaryora’s message to Javier Milei for the removal of subsidies

The governor of Córdoba, Martín Llaryora, turned to social networks to respond to the removal of transportation subsidies from Javier Milei. “It is not time to respond to grievances or insults, it is time for dialogue and consensus“said the provincial leader.

“The greatness of our country requires the moderation and sanity of its leaders”Llaryora wrote at the end of his message and declared: “You will always find me ready to dialogue for the construction of a democratic, federal and productive Argentina”.

The president expressed their solidarity “with the claim that all the mayors and governors of the country are making achieved by these measures that harm Argentine workers, students, retirees and families” and also rejected “the increases in export duties and withholdings applied to the productive sectors”.

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