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In the middle of the ring, Javier Milei feels validated by the market and his voters

The predominant mood in the president, Javier Mileiafter the failure of his initiative of the omnibus law, is no longer angry (although he was upset with different legislators and governors). On the contrary, he finds himself “trusted”, they point out in their surroundings.

The reason: consider that With its rejection of changes, “the political caste” is becoming more exposed to the people than ever. In this way, indirectly, feels his leadership revalued.

Also, and he does not consider it a minor fact, he feels validated by the markets. The stability of financial dollarsdespite the failure of the initiative, reflects that “Operators are confident that this time the adjustment is serious”according to the reading of the president.

“Historically, in Argentina stabilization plans failed because there was a lack of political decision to maintain them. It is not the case of Milei who is convinced that there is no other way and the markets are making the correct reading”say those close to the President.

“The fundamental thing for Milei is fiscal adjustment, lowering inflation, consolidating stabilization and he is even willing to overact in the defense of these ideas”, they add.

However, at the international level there are doubts regarding governance. In this sense, the confrontation with Congress and the governors increases these questions. Particularly, the International Monetary Fund has pointed out in its latest report on Argentina, the importance of maintaining political and social consensus on the ongoing program.

Decisions like the elimination of the Interior Compensation Fund for bus transportationyes -which will particularly affect the cities of Córdoba, Rosario and Santa Fe, where the ticket would suffer strong increases- threaten to generate discontent.

In the immediate future, and given the drop in income, the Ministry of Human Capital, which leads Sandra Pettovellois working on eliminate intermediation in all its forms in social assistance. Thus, the last thing that was known is that aid to soup kitchens is made directly through monetary transfers. Recently, an agreement was signed by which Cáritas received $310 million for the purchase of food. However, the episcopal commission of this organization returned this Friday to ask the Government, through a statement, to provide “the necessary help” to soup kitchens.

“It is not about reducing the items, Human Capital is the only portfolio that does not have a budget restriction, but about increasing benefits” point out in this ministry.

They recognize that the middle class is also being affected by the adjustment. One of the aspects that is being worked on is the granting aid to cover school expenses.

Precisely, in the Argentine delegation it is said that one of the reasons why Pettovello joins the delegation that will visit Pope Francis is that The Supreme Pontiff expressed his interest in the focus on human capital carried out by the Government.

Harder and without patience

In the presidential environment they also point out that Milei “is determined to double down on the governors”. They say they have heard the president say that “This is going to get harder, the joke is over, I’m going to cut everything back,” in reference to the transfers that the Nation makes at its discretion to the provinces.

On the other hand, he did not wait to return from his tour of Italy to fire the head of the ANSES, Osvaldo Giordanoand the secretary of Mining, Flavia Royónwhom he viewed with suspicion after the fall of the omnibus law, as he had anticipated Ambit.

“I want them to show dignity and those who know they are stained leave alone. “If they stay waiting, I will cut them when I return.”, the President commented to his entourage, as confirmed by a high source to Ambit from Rome. However, on Friday night, without waiting for the resignations, he fired them through a statement posted on Twitter by the Office of the President.

From Israel, Milei echoed the topic and retweeted a user of “The wife of the Government’s ANSES Director, Osvaldo Giordano, Deputy Alejandra Torres, voted against. He should be fired immediately as a traitor,” reads the message shared by the president.

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