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Milei said that he will not negotiate the economic plan and assured that Argentina is nowhere near dollarizing

After the ticket increases public transport in all the countryPresident Javier Milei He emphasized that he will not “negotiate the economic program in any way”. He also referred to failure of the omnibus law in the Chamber of Deputiesreaffirming that it was a “decision” taken by him and served as “experience” to “make it clear who the scammers who deceive people and are in politics to do business“.

In statements to Radio Miter from Rome, Italywaiting for your first audience with Pope Francisthe head of state once again put the dollarization project on the table, one of the main campaign proposals in the 2023 elections.

In this context, the leader of La Libertad Avanza assured that dollarization could be implemented in the short term: “We are getting closer to being able to dollarize. We have accumulated about 7 billion dollars of reserves and the monetary base is 7, 8 billion dollars. In other words, we are nowhere.”

Furthermore, he stated that “Governors can stop spending on official spending or on recitals”so he considered that “not necessarily” the brake on transfers to the provinces should impact the people’s pocket.

“Don’t the provinces have their own resources? I am not going to negotiate my economic program in any waythe goal of zero deficithe Central Bank sanitationgo freeing the exchange market“he noted.

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In this context, he mentioned the governor of Cordova, Martin Llaryorawho is “crying for $20 billion in subsidies, but pays $27 billion in official guidelines“. “Let him stop arranging with the media so that they speak well of him and not criticize him. And the same thing happens to the governor of Santa Fe (Maximiliano Pullaro)”, he launched.

After the statements, Milei stressed that “we came to change this corrupt country” and then he summarized his two months of management: “We ended up achieving the ideological ordering and that it be very clear who are those who are in favor of freedom and who, in favor of politics job“.

“The economy is going to move forward, I’m going to exterminate inflationI am going to end the insecurity and in the middle I am going to expose who are the corrupt politicians“he added.


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Javier Milei, on the failure of the omnibus law: “It served as an experience”

The fact that the legislative initiative fell in the vote in particular and returned to debate in committees was “a decision of mine”said Milei. In this context, he also pointed out against the deputies who “have betrayed the ideas of freedom and the electoratesaying that they came for change and showed that they were willing to scrap the law in order to Don’t touch your caste privileges“.

Many deputies left their fingers marked. What happened is wonderful and that is why I gave the order to lower the law. I left them in evidence, who are the caste, the corrupt, the filth of politics, who ruin the Argentines,” he expressed.

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On the other hand, the President defined what happened in the Low camera as a “experience”. “As a principle of revelation, what happened was fabulous. This does not affect the short-term dynamics, it is only about the long term“, he added. And he celebrated: “Despite the outrages and disasters by deputies and governors, even so the bonds did not suffer a major impact for the solidity of the fiscal policy that we are showing”.

Finally, and in the midst of strong tension with the opposition and the governors, Milei He launched: “Those who talk about consensus are corrupt. ‘Long live consensus’, long live corruption, long live the give and takethe delivery of positions in exchange for money”.

“Us We are not willing to do politics in that filthy way, corrupt, perverse. Where did everything start to explode? When the topic of the trustsbecause they are big boxes where politics steals,” he concluded.

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