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They seek to revive the Purchase Law without VAT

After the legislative defeat of the president Javier Milei to approve the omnibus law, a large group of deputies of the block Union for the Homeland presented on Friday at the National Congress a bill intended for the implementation of the program ”Buy without VAT” as a State policy, in order to reduce taxes on the assets of the Basic Food Basket (CBA).

The objective is alleviate the impact of the crisis on the family economy and reactivate retail consumption in all the country. This presentation occurs after knowing the information of the collapse of real wages, 13.1%, and the 30.1% increase in the CBA in the month of December. In the same line, retail consumption fell 28.5% according to Argentine Confederation of Medium Enterprises (CAME) and retirees lost 32.5% year-on-year according to data from the Congressional Budget Office (CPO).

The initiative promoted by the Buenos Aires deputy Victoria Tolosa Paz resumes the characteristics of the program implemented by the former Minister of Economy of the Nation, Sergio Massa. It has the signature of 33 legislators from 13 provinces. It is directed to workers in a dependency relationship, retirees and pensioners who receive up to 6 SMVM; small taxpayers registered in the Simplified Regime; workers in private homes; holders of the AUH, the AUE, Empower Work and the Food Card. In all cases, as long as they do not pay taxes Earnings, Personal Assets or are registered as self-employed.

For this segment of the population, the refund of value added tax (VAT) is provided for purchases made each month, for a maximum amount equivalent to the VAT contained in a CBA for a type 2 household. In the month of January, the INDEC recorded the value of the CBA for a type 2 home at $240,679, therefore, the refund would be up to $41,770.

The deputies who support the initiative of Victoria Tolosa Paz

The deputies who signed the bill together with Tolosa Paz are: Julio Pereyra, Cecilia Moreau, Sergio Palazzo, Daniel Arroyo, Mónica Litza, Hugo Yasky, Daniel Gollán, Marcela Passo, Micaela Morán, Ramiro Gutiérrez, Roxana Monzón, Carlos Castagneto, Sabrina Selva, Santiago Cafiero and Leopoldo Moreau for the province of Buenos Aires; Juan Manuel Pedrini and María Luisa Chomiak for the Chaco; Eugenia Alianiellofrom Chubut; Nancy Sand and Jorge Romerofrom Corrientes; Ricardo Herrera and Gabriela Pedrali, for La Rioja; the mendoza Liliana Paponet; by Neuquen Tanya Bertoldi; Martin Soria, from Río Negro; the santacruceño Gustavo González; María Luisa Montoto and Estela Mary Neder, from Santiago del Estero; Ernesto Ali and Natalia Zabala Chacurfrom San Luis, the San Juan native Jorge Chica and the pampas Varinia Lis Marin.

“In this context of rising inflation and loss of purchasing power, Argentinians need us to legislate to provide solutions. “Buy Without VAT” was a measure promoted by Sergio Massa that benefited more than 18 million Argentines. For this reason, the UxP deputies want it to become law,” explained Tolosa Paz.

It is worth noting, in a context of discussion between the governors and Javier Milei, that the bill establishes that: “The present regime will be financed with the budget item assigned for this purpose by the aforementioned ministerial portfolio (Ministry of Economy), not affecting federal co-participation.”

DNU: the next battle of Union for the Homeland

Victoria Villarruel was criminally denounced for not calling a special session in the Senate to treat the Decree of Necessity and Urgency 70/2023announced on national television Javier Milei on December 20. The Bicameral Commission who had to issue an opinion on the DNU nor was it formed by voluntary omission of Martin Menempresident of Deputies, and the head of the Upper House ignored the request of the Peronist bloc in the Senate to enable a session to discuss the presidential initiative that is in force in increase in social works, medications, rents, internet services and punitive interest on credit cards.

We expect the signature of more and more senators“says a parliamentarian from Union for the Homeland in the Senatewhere they have 33 seats, four from the quorum. The conflict that opened Javier Milei with the provinces could cost him dearly, because Peronism already had alliances with missionaries and Rio Negros, in addition to being able to convince legislators who entered with their ballot but are avoiding the organic vote. Will the Cordovan come closer Alejandra Vigo? For now, not only Martin Lousteau -senator and president of the UCRwas reluctant to DNUbut there was a detachment in the block of Together for Change: Lucila Crexellwho already showed autonomy in other votes, took a step aside to form a monobloc that responds to the governor of Neuquen.

In Deputies, Union for the Homeland Prepare the ground to receive the project: If one of the two chambers approves the decree, it remains in force. “Our initiative is to reject the DNU“, points out to Ambit the deputy Carolina Gaillardwho adds: “That is our priority today, because many of the issues that were provided for in the omnibus law are in the DNU. The omnibus law was a way to mask the DNUwhich had a lot of resistance.”

The union role, in this case, is one of the most valued: not only because its judicial presentation allowed for reverse to the labour reformbut because of the impact of general strike and the opening to dialogue tables with different parliamentary blocs to avoid reforms that they consider harmful. All the actors add from their space. The territorial reach of the deputies plays, in this framework, an essential role to build an opposition project.

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