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It would be interesting for the Government

The head of the block Deputies of We Make Federal Coalition, Miguel Ángel Pichetto, analyzed the PRO’s approach to La Libertad Avanza (LLA) and considered that “it would be interesting for the Government.” In this way, the legislator welcomes the formation of an alliance between the ruling party and the opposition, since it would materialize “support in favor” of Mauricio Macri to the president Javier Milei in the 2023 elections.

In radio statements, Pichetto He expressed that he is not “surprised” by the political alliance between LLA and the PRO given that this expansion of the political base would allow the ruling party to “strengthen” itself at the head of the Executive and in Congress, especially after the brakes suffered in the debate on the omnibus law. .

LLA-PRO Alliance: the Government seeks more support after the setback due to the omnibus law

“If it makes an alliance with the PRO, it would be interesting for the Government to strengthen itself at the level of Congress, where it has a very minority structure in both chambers, and in the Executive; the alliance is convenient” for the libertarians, he said. Pichetto this Sunday in an interview with Radio Splendid.

The deputy assessed that the political link that could be sealed “is almost natural to occur,” because former president Mauricio Macri and the PRO “they played in favor” of the president Javier Milei in the runoff in which he was the winner.

“I am not surprised that they are close or talking in order to expand the support base of the Government”added the leader who is part of the so-called “dialogue opposition.”

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The possible agreement with the PRO, analyzed Pichetto“adds to the Government” in seeking “consolidate the parliamentary majority”a key condition, he said, “to govern the four years.”

“It is important to do so and not break with some sectors that were allies and with whom there were nuances and differences, which should not have been resolved at the level of the controversy,” said Pichetto.

The president of the bloc of Hacemos Coalión Federal, the bench made up of legislators from the parties Cambio Federal, Coalificación Cívica and Hacemos por Córdoba, asked the Government to “de-dramatize” the brakes suffered in Congress by the ‘Bases’ bill, and ” find a path of dialogue and positive construction in Argentina”.

“We must get out of this plane of confrontation that does not serve the Government. Argentina needs tranquility and find a path of peace and dialogue. The Government must build a majority in the chambers of Deputies and Senators to be able to govern. If the bridges, it is difficult to build that majority,” Pichetto concluded.

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