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Javier Milei’s hug with Pope Francis in their first meeting at the Vatican

After insulting him and then staging a reconciliation, the president Javier Milei hugged this Sunday Pope Francisco upon seeing him for the first time in the Vatican.

Before hundreds of faithful, Milei bowed to greet, smiling and embrace his compatriot and supreme pontiff in St. Peter’s Basilica, at the end of the canonization mass of Blessed María Antonia de Paz y Figueroa, known as Mama Antula (1730-1799) and first Argentine saint.

The two leaders also spoke before the mass, according to the Vatican.

Milei, who in the past had been described as an “imbecile” and “representative of the evil one” to the pope, stood up when he entered the basilica in a wheelchair at the beginning of the ceremony, and at the mass He knelt during the consecration.

It was one of the images of the day, and the culmination of a hectic week for Milei, who He traveled to Jerusalem, prayed emotionally at the Wailing Wallhad his first major crisis with the failure of his mega reform package, he sent numerous insults to his detractors and even had time to go sightseeing in Rome before seeing the pope.

This Sunday was a first contact before an audience on Monday morning at the Vatican, in which Francisco and Javier Milei They will be able to speak at length. On the same day, the Argentine president will meet with his Italian counterpart Sergio Mattarella, and with the prime minister Giorgia Meloni.

Javier Milei’s latest statements about Pope Francis

The president prepared the ground, telling Argentina on Saturday Radio Miter that the pope “is the most important Argentine in history,” and said he hoped to have “a very fruitful dialogue”.

The hearing will take place in an atmosphere charged by Milei’s past attacks on the pope. The leader even accused him during the campaign, last September, of “political interference.”

Jorge Mario Bergoglio and the new president They nevertheless staged peace in recent months, the first with a call from congratulations after the electoral victory November, and the second with a letter of invitation to visit Argentina, in which he stated that the coming of Francisco “will bring fruits of pacification and brotherhood of all Argentines, eager to overcome divisions and confrontations.”

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