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give away a victory or ride a shipwreck?

February 12, 2024 – 11:15

As a consequence of the political defeat that was the shipwreck of the omnibus law in Congress, a new formation of the cabinet is being debated.

The return to the starting point that the rejection of the omnibus law It is not only a metaphor that applies to parliamentary proceedings. The legislative defeat was accompanied by a battle at the political level where Javier Mileientered into direct conflict with governors of all partisan signs, which also drags legislators and officials. In this scheme, going back leads to the feverish post-ballot and pre-inauguration days of the President, when at the Hotel Libertador a board was displayed where slowly, with marches and countermarches, the cabinet was defined.

“There is still no news, when the President returns there will be definitions,” the Government expressed this morning to this medium, when asked about the progress of an agreement with the PRO. Mauricio Macriwho played hard at least from social networks (a terrain where Milei feels safe), resumes the negotiations from those days of farewell to Alberto Fernandez and is proposed as a guarantor of governability. In Congress, where the formation of a joint venture that would give the Casa Rosada a scrum of 80 deputies is being accelerated, the alliance took place in reality, and the PRO It was the only space that provided unified endorsements for the megaproject that had fallen into disgrace.

PRO-LLA Alliance: the Government seeks to expand political support

Macrista landing in the Executive is once again a possibility, but nothing is firm. Firstly, the yellow seal is in fear of being associated with a shipwreck if the Government does not right the ship. But in the Government, where there is optimism of an economic improvement after the impending adjustment, they do not want to give that eventual victory to the PRO. Especially when the head-on collision with the opposition and the decision to accelerate the cut were events carried out by Milei. “Something has to give,” they said, however, from the Pink House.


Milei and Macri seek to seal the alliance after support in the 2023 elections.

Milei and Macri seek to seal the alliance after support in the 2023 elections.

Argentine News

Because of this integration, as this media mentions pulsean Santiago Caputo and Karina Milei, and immediately the key seats in Anses and Minería are vacant, from which Osvaldo Giordano and Flavia Royón were ejected, officials who responded to the governors of Córdoba Martín Llaryora and of Salta Gustavo Sáenz, two of those pointed out by Milei as “traitors”. The change in the cabinet was plausible in the libertarian start due to possible social wear, but not so soon. Today, they are hot spots that no one is desperate to take.

On the other hand, the PRO must define its new authorities next month, and despite an operational clamor for Mauricio Macri resume leadership of the party, with letters of support signed by leaders from (almost) all the provinces, there remain two internal resistance groups: Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, who reappeared in recent days and plays a mystery, and Patricia Bullrich, already part of the Government and with misgivings about his former boss for having distanced himself in times not so distant from his arrival at Security. That is to say, the PRO is not a space free of tugs that walks seamlessly towards where the former president points out. Larreta, for example, strongly questioned Milei for his refusal to seek consensus.

The party has two governors: Ignacio Torres (Chubut) and Rogelio Frigerio (Between rivers). Both remained in their jobs closer to the league of governors of Together for Change in tune with their radical peers than in the dynamics required by the PRO. They even ignored the internal elections, and watch them from afar. They seek to build bridges, but above all, governance in their districts. In this framework, both local leaders see an expansion of the space as necessary.

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