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Javier Milei acknowledged that he changed his mind about Pope Francis and that he is the most important Argentine

In a television interview on the Italian channel TV Retequattro after visiting the Supreme Pontiff in the Vatican, the president stated that today Bergoglio is “the most important Argentine” in the entire country.

Furthermore, regarding his spirituality, he explained that He is Catholic but practices “some Judaism,” which could be seen during his visit to the Western Wall in Israel.

In dialogue with the journalist Nicola Porro, Milei expanded on his ideological position and reiterated that he defines himself as “an anarcho-capitalist” with a “deep contempt for the State“.

“I believe that the State is the enemy, a criminal association“, he expressed to the astonishment of an interviewer who asked him: a criminal association?

Milei also paraphrased Oppenheimer when he said that “the method used in the market is investment, trade, and the method of the State is precisely theft, and therefore “The State is not only the largest criminal organization in the world, but also the largest stationary thief in the world.” He gave as an example that “a thief attacks from time to time, but every time you go to buy something in a place, the State is stealing from you through taxes; therefore, the State steals from you every day.”

However, he stressed that “the State has the power to arrest people, politicians are not affected, they do not see their power at stake. But in this I realized that the only way to enter the system was to blow it up.” , he added.

Milei also spoke about his 50 days of management

Regarding the management he has carried out since assuming the Presidency, Milei maintained that what has been done “in these 50 days it has been to initiate and implement structural reforms.”

“Of these reforms, 350 were considered urgent and 650 were included in a law, that is, the law of freedom of grassroots Argentines. And that is interesting, because the central axis of all this is that it refers to returning power and freedom to the Argentines,” he pointed out. On the next level, he placed the progress towards “more competitive market structures”

Communism as “a disease of the soul”

“Originally I thought it was a mental problem, because pure socialism has been defeated by economic theory. But then I realized that it was something much worse, that it was a disease of the soul. When socialism was applied well, more were murdered. of 6 million human beings,” he indicated.

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