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Javier Milei’s three gifts to Pope Francis

President Javier Milei gave this morning to Pope Francisco at their meeting at Vatican a folder with a copy of the handwritten letter from Foreign Minister José María Gutiérrez accrediting Juan Bautista Alberdi as a representative in Europe, a cadre of Mama Antula, alfajores and cookies of lemon.

This was reported in his X profile by the presidential spokesperson, Manuel Adorni, who also exhibited photos of some of those gifts that the president will present tomorrow to the Pontiff in the private audience.

“The gifts of the President of the Nation to the Pope Francisco They will be the following: Folder with a copy of the Chancellor’s handwritten letter José María Gutiérrez to Juan Bautista Alberdi accrediting him as representative in Europe (May 1854); Picture with the commemorative postcard of Mama Antula that the Argentine Post distributed on the occasion of her beatification (August 2017), “he indicated Adorni.

And he added that he also He brought “dulce de leche alfajores and lemon cookies (from the Supreme Pontiff’s preferred brand).”

The three gifts that Milei will give to Pope Francis

This Monday, at 9 in Rome (5 in Argentina), the pontiff received to the Argentine president in a private hearing that lasted more than an hour.

Milei and the Pope met yesterday in the sacristy of the Vatican basilica before the canonization mass of María Antonia de San José de Paz y Figueroa, the laywoman known as Mama Antula, who today became the first Argentine saint in history .

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“It is a very important moment for Argentine history,” Milei told the press.

During this Monday’s audience, the president will present the aforementioned gifts to Pope Francis. He is then expected to head to the Italian government headquarters to meet with the prime minister. Giorgia Meloni.

Pope Francis canonized Mama Antula

Pope Francis canonized María Antonia de San José de Paz y Figueroa, known as Mama Antula, and declared her the first holy Argentine woman in history. The Supreme Pontiff highlighted her as “a model of apostolic fervor and audacity”, before the presence of Javier Milei who was at the ceremony in St. Peter’s Basilica.

At 9:45 local time (5:45 Argentine time), in front of hundreds of Argentine pilgrims present outside the temple, the Pope officially made Mama Antula a saint by reading in Latin the elevation to the altars of “Beatam Mariam Antoniam a Sancto Ioseph of Paz and Figueroa”.

during the homilythe Pope highlighted that the new saint “walked thousands of kilometers on foot through deserts and dangerous streets”while describing her as “a model of apostolic fervor and audacity.”

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