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The Israeli army rescued 2 Argentines kidnapped by Hamas since October

Two hostages of Argentine nationality who had been kidnapped by the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas in the attacks of last October 7 were liberated in the last hours in Rafah, the last objective of the Israeli Army offensive in the Gaza StripIsrael reported today.

“In a joint operation by the IDF (army), ISA (Shin Bet security agency) and the Israeli police at night in Rafah, two Israeli hostages were rescued, Fernando Simon Marman (60 years old) and Louis Har (70)“said a statement from the three services, reproduced by the AFP news agency.

The Argentine Government also confirmed the information through the X account of the Office of President Javier Milei, where it thanked the Israeli security forces “for having successfully completed the rescue of the Argentines.”

Both, he recalled, “were kidnapped since last October 7 by the terrorist group Hamas.”

After their release, the two men, who had been taken hostage from Kibbutz Nir Yitzhak, were transferred to the Sheba medical center in Ramat Gan and “are in stable condition,” Arnon Afek, director of the facility, told reporters.

“Three terrorists were killed in the building where they were held,” the Israeli Army reported in a first assessment.

The Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahuordered his army to prepare an offensive on Rafah, on the border with Egypt, where more than half of Gaza’s population is currently concentrated, according to the UN, which generated consternation in the international community.

Hams warned on Sunday that such an offensive would “torpedo” any agreement to release hostages held in Gaza.

According to the Ministry of Health in Gaza, under the control of the Palestinian movement, the Israeli attacks from Sunday to Monday left “around 100 dead.”

But Israel affirmed that these bombings are not part of the offensive, but rather of the rescue operation of the two hostages, kidnapped in the October 7 Hamas attacks in southern Israel, which sparked the current war.

The attacks hit 14 houses and three mosques in different parts of Rafah, according to the Hamas government in Gaza.

Some 250 people were kidnapped in the Hamas attacks on October 7.

A week-long truce in November freed 105 hostages in exchange for the release of 240 Palestinian prisoners from Israeli prisons.

Before the release of the two hostages, Israel estimated that 132 people were still detained in Gaza and that 29 were dead.

Rafah became the last refuge for Palestinians, with 1.4 million people cornered on the closed border with Egypt, according to the UN, mostly displaced by the four-month war between Israel and the Islamist movement Hamas.

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