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Applause, photos and ovation, Javier Milei’s moment with the passengers on the return plane

February 12, 2024 – 19:10

President Javier Milei was well received by travelers on the flight returning from Rome to Buenos Aires after his tour of Israel and Italy.

Accompanied by his entourage, the President Javier Milei He began his return to Argentina after completing the tour of Israel and Italy where he met with Pope Francis. When addressing the plane, the passengers received him with applause and orders for photos.

The head of state boarded the airliner ITA AZ680 about 10 p.m. from the city of Rome. Once at the top, he was greeted with applause by the travelers.

Applause and requests for photos to Javier Milei on his return to Buenos Aires

“Okay, Javier… Hold on… Let’s go!”, cheered one man, while others approached him to shake his hand, give him a hug or ask for a photo. Then a group of people began to sing “Wig, wig, wig.”

Milei plane Rome.mp4

President Javier Milei during his return to Buenos Aires.

In another video, a woman expressed her support for the president, at the same time asking him to come closer to where she was so she could take a photo. “Javi, the people acclaim you. Javi, we support you,” He told him, while another man went for more and, laughing, told him: “Don’t let up, Javi. Make them shit.”

The presidential spokesperson, Manuel Adorni, He shared the moment on his social network account X. “The President of the Nation returns to Argentina after his successful tour,” he said and then added: “Delirium on the plane before takeoff. The end.”

The flight from Rome will land this Tuesday at 8:40 in the morning at the Ministerio Pistarini International Airport, in the match of Ezeiza, Buenos Aires province.

Javier Milei spoke about his meeting with Pope Francis

President Javier Milei acknowledged this Monday in an interview that “reconsidered” his position regarding Pope Francis, whom during the campaign he called the “representative of the evil one on earth” and who from there put the relationship back on track. “I reconsidered some positions and, from that moment, we began to build a positive bond,” he analyzed.

In a television interview with the Italian channel TV Retequattro after visiting the Vatican in Supreme Pontiff, The president stated that today Bergoglio He is “the most important Argentine” in the entire country.

Furthermore, regarding his spirituality, he explained that He is Catholic but practices “some Judaism,” which could be seen during his visit to the Western Wall in Israel.

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