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dollar bonds fall and the shares of local companies are in the red

February 13, 2024 – 15:21

In the middle of the Carnival holiday in Argentina, dollar securities are trading lower in New York and ADRs are trading with negative numbers.


The Argentine bonds in dollars that operate in Wall Street show majorities of casualties this Tuesday February 13continue with the trend of the previous days and the risk country stay on the edge of 2,000 basis points, in a day marked by the carnival holiday and the return of President Javier Milei from his tour of Italy and Israel. Likewise, the market continues to be marked by political uncertainty that generated the failure of the omnibus law promoted by the Government.

In this context, the securities that operate in New York They started the session with generalized falls. Those that fell the most are the Bonar 2041 (AL41) and the Global 2030 (-1.7%) and are followed by Global 2041 (-1%). Meanwhile, those that rise the most are the Global 2046 (+1.9%), the Global 2048 (+1%) and the Bonar 2029 (AL29) and Global 2029, which both climbed 0.6%.

In that framework, the country risk is located in the 1993 basic pointsas measured by JP Morgan.

Argentine shares on Wall Street

The papers of Argentine companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange almost all of them operate in the red, with drops of up to 3.12%. Those that drop the most with those of Take off (-3.12%), Bioceres (-2.81%) and Telecom (-2.53%). Meanwhile, only those of Pampa Energy (+0.14%) and Central Port (+0.05%).

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