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Ignacio Torres signed a precautionary measure before the Court for the removal of the transportation subsidy

The decision of the representative who is a member of the PRO is given after President Javier Milei decided to eliminate the Interior Compensation Fundassistance that is the same for everyone, wherever they live, and that implies a 55% discount on the public transport ticket rate.”

Torres’ request was also signed by the mayor of Comodoro Rivadavia, Othar Macharashvilifrom Unión por la Patria, who supported the initiative because he warned that that area “is the most harmed by the measure.”

Chubut demands transportation subsidy

According to the provincial president, “as of December the Government of Chubut itself has already increased the total amount of the expenditure by 50% corresponding to the transportation subsidy that depends on the Province”.

Torres, furthermore, He placed emphasis on the situation faced by Comodoro Rivadaviaone of the towns most affected by the removal of the transportation subsidy ordered by the national government:

“With the reduction of the national subsidy, Comodoro Rivadavia would be the most affected city in Chubut. It has the largest number of passengers who travel daily in its urban fabric, demanding between 60% and 70% of the subsidy that is allocated to said location”.

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Torres appeared in court for the removal of transportation subsidies.


Removal of subsidies: a town in Córdoba analyzes canceling public transportation

Within the framework of the reduction of subsidies to companies of public transport With the elimination of the Interior Compensation Fund, announced by the national government, several municipalities were affected. One of them is San Francisco, in Cordova, whose mayor announced that he is considering terminating the contract with the company that provides bus service in the town.

Damian Bernarte, head of the San Francisco municipal Executive, stressed that for his management “facing the cost of the subsidy we received from the Nation would be impossible, we had not even planned for it as a budget item.” “In the case of our city, public transportation should be lifted,” he said in statements to C5N.

The value of the ticket, as in Córdoba capital, would be between $1,000 and $1,100 without subsidy. In our city it is essentially used by students to get to educational establishments and to their homes. We have had almost 135 thousand student tickets during the 2023 school year,” she explained.

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