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The Government analyzes extending the extraordinary sessions to discuss anti-money laundering regulations

He Government national analyzes extend once again the period of extraordinary sessions which ends next Thursday, February 15. The decision would embroil the executive in a new legislative fight after the recent failure of the omnibus law.

Although this action does not come from the hand of the megaproject that returned to a clean slate. If the idea prospers, it would be give progress in the Senate to the law that improves current legislation on the prevention and repression of money laundering, the financing of terrorism and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

The project achieved the signing of the opinion in the Justice and Criminal Affairs and Budget and Finance committees of the Senate, the province of the Vice President of the Nation, Victoria Villarruel. Besides, Mariano Cúneo LibaronaMinister of Justice, became personally involved to promote the initiative and spoke with senators who had doubts about the project.

The initiative, approved by Deputies in April 2023, was part of the last understanding that Argentina signed with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and includes suggestions from Financial Action Task Force (FATF).

The FATF will be in Argentina at the end of February and beginning of March for a new evaluation. For this reason, there is an urgency to enact the law and prevent the country from being part of the organization’s gray list.

Javier Milei endorsed a new list of “traitor deputies”: he included a warning for the 2025 elections

He president Javier Milei he pointed again against opposition deputies for his vote in the debate on the omnibus law and shared a tweet that spreads their names “so that they don’t fool people by hiding in any list.”

“RT to infinity”, The libertarian president expressed when citing a user’s post that aims to show the faces and names of each legislator who spoke out against some section of the omnibus law in the Chamber of Deputies.

The libertarian follower, named on the social network

“What was promised is a debt. Below is a thread of the deputies who entered congress posing as change and then vote with Kirchnerism, who renew benches next year so that they do not deceive people by hiding in any list“.

Already finished his tour in Italy and Israel, Javier Milei resumes the national political agenda after the failure of the omnibus law and in the midst of their conflict with the governors over the elimination of the transportation subsidy. The libertarian president, however, continues to send messages to the leadership through platform X.

The complaint against Victoria Villarruel by the DNU

Last Thursday the block of Union for the Homeland in it Senate He also asked the president of the Senate, Victoria Villarruel, to call a session to discuss the DNU of the Government of La Libertad Avanza (LLA).

However, the vice president has not yet made progress on that request and, without an opinion from the Bicameral Commissionhe DNU remains in force without a treatment date. Faced with this situation, a group of representatives from different organizations criminally denounced Villarruelvice president of the Nation and president of the Senate, for being “violating the National Constitution and the Senate Regulations”. ” Victoria Villarruel is failing to comply with its duty to call a special session to discuss the DNU,” the letter adds.

The complaint is signed by Claudio Lozano (National Popular Unity), Jonatan Baldiviezo (Observatory of the Right to the City”, Maria Eva Koutsovitis (The City Movement We Are Those Who Inhabit It) and Fernando Cabaleiro (Nature of Rights). “Two weeks after the request, it has not done so. It obstructs the constitutional mandate and Law No. 26,122 of ‘immediate’ treatment of the DNU,” maintains the argument of the complaint.

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