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What happens between the unions and the Government

February 13, 2024 – 11:51

The head of the Ctera union, Sonia Alesso, warned about the start of classes in a context of paralysis of national funds.

In radio statements, the head of CTERA described the salary panorama of teachers facing the start of classes and waiting for the call for joint elections: “If they do not call joint ventures or send funds, we will charge less than last year, an impossible context to start classes“.

“This week we are going to be discussing the situation of each of the provinces and the position of Ctera against the head of the Ctera guild, Sonia Alessopointed out that the outlook “is serious and looks complicated” due to the paralysis of national funds, so the Government cannot at its discretion not send it,” said the sector leader.

The educational compensation fund It is used to cover the gap between what the provincial governments offer and the national parity. It represents almost 15 percent of teachers’ salaries. “By removing the Teacher Incentive Fund, the President jeopardizes the start of classes,” they point out from the sector.

CTERA asked the Government to “rethink”

Alessio in this framework He demanded that “the Government reconsider and send the funds, otherwise next month the teachers will earn less”. “We are not going to accept that our salary be reduced,” said the head of CTERA, who warned that “there is no history of any Government that stopped paying” teaching funds.

“From Ctera we demand that they call us this week. Tomorrow we have a meeting and then we will hold a congress to decide whether or not they will start classes depending on what happens these weeks,” he added about the next measures.

Sonia Alesso.

Sonia Alesso.

Sonia Alesso.

2024 school year: when do classes start in each province

For now alone 10 of 24 districts confirmed the date in what Classes startwhile the rest have not yet confirmed the day.

The government of the Buenos aires city confirmed that the students classes will start from 26 of February for him initial and primary levelwhile those who go to secondary will start on March 4.

The government of Axel Kicillof confirmed that the initial, primary and secondary schools will begin classes from the March 1st.

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