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accumulated a drop of $150 from its record and was close to its 2024 minimum

He Dolar blue closed to $1,075 for the buys and $1,105 for saleaccording to a survey of Ambit in the caves of the City.

The parallel currency fell $40 to $1,105 after the extra long Carnival holiday. In this way, write down your third day without increases. Thus, the gap with the official operates in 32.5%, lows since January 8when he had touched the 29%.

From record of $1,255registered on January 24accumulate a $150 drop. Furthermore, in that way, he touched lows since January 8, 2024.

“The blue market operates very calmly. You are probably aligning yourself with a certain decline in MEPdue to less tension on those markets,” he told Ámbito Gustavo Quintanafrom PR exchange operators.

“Everything seems to indicate that the failure to deal with the law promoted by the Executive had a impact that was diluted with the passing of the days. The statements of the Minister of Economy in the sense of having achieved a good fiscal result in January and the news that tells of lower emission they seem to have a balsamic effect in the market,” he added.

How much was the official dollar quoted at today, Wednesday, February 14

He wholesale dollar ended at $833.90 per unit, that is, $2.60 up from closing last Friday.

How much the MEP dollar was sold for today, Wednesday, February 14

He MEP dollar quotes at $1,112.11. Thus, the spread with the official exchange rate it is positioned in the 33.4%.

Value of the CCL dollar today, Wednesday, February 14

He dollar Cash with Settlement (CCL) operates in the $1,175.18. In that way, the gap of this exchange rate with the official is located in the 40.9%.

Price of the dollar card today, Wednesday, February 14

He dollar card or touristand the dollar savings (either solidary) was located in the $1,364.80.

Crypto dollar quote today, Wednesday, February 14

He crypto dollar or Bitcoin dollar operates at $1,141according to Bitso.

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