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Contact between Javier Milei and Mauricio Macri to negotiate the merger of the PRO and LLA

February 14, 2024 – 08:26

“The presidency of Deputies will continue to belong to LLA,” warned Martín Menem. Javier Milei and Mauricio Macri would meet today.

Menem thus came out to screw himself into office in the face of Macri’s onslaught, and Cristian Ritondo, to displace him and capture the presidency of Deputies for the PRO. This is a key position in the presidential line of succession that is responsible for achieving consensus, and votes, for the Government’s legislative initiatives. The man from Rioja was injured inside Casa Rosada after the rejection of the omnibus law by the national deputies with a focus on the vote against the delegated powers that Milei requested.

Both Javier and Karina Milei They oppose giving Macri relevant positions in the Cabinet such as the ANSES or the Secretary of Energy, vacant positions after the President asked Osvaldo Giordano and Flavia Royon from Córdoba to resign. For this reason, the agreement would be limited to a parliamentary confluence between Macrismo and the libertarians that could lead to the formation of an interbloc of about 70 deputies who could be led by Ritondo.

Milei and Macri would have planned to meet during the course of this day to advance in that sense beyond the former president’s intentions to capture through Guillermo Dietrich, the Ministry of Infrastructure, orphaned since the displacement of Guillermo Ferraro, and the ANSES.

But the former president loses influence within the PRO. María Eugenia Vidal refused to join the libertarian administration and Diego Santilli asked to debate the terms of an agreement with LLa doors inside the yellow party.

Governors with Patricia Bullrich

In parallel, the governors of the PRO, Rogelio Frigerio (Entre Ríos) and Ignacio Torres (Chubut) They will visit Patricia Bullrich this morning. It is a meeting focused on security management in those districts but the meeting also represents a gesture of support for the former presidential candidate of Juntos in the midst of the internal PRO and the versions of an understanding between Macri and Milei.

It is expected that during the meeting, which was requested by the governors, the work that the federal forces have been carrying out jointly with the provincial forces in the fight against insecurity and drug trafficking will be reviewed. “Patricia has had a central role since the change of government and the idea is to deepen the investigation work, police control and operations against drug trafficking in both provinces,” said a source familiar with the recent conversations between the leaders and the national Minister. .

“Both Torres and Frigerio share the political vision of going all out against criminals and drug traffickers. This is a historical coincidence that they have with Patricia. They are going to deploy in both provinces greater patrolling and presence of federal and local forces in the areas of drug dealing and greater crime conflict. It is key that there is coordination of all forces so that the procedures and operations are effective,” he concluded.

The governor Ignacio Torres It has an agenda with the Nation focused on the installation of scanners for drug trafficking control in the ports of Chubut; the creation of a joint command in Trelew with federal forces; and advance strongly against the seizures in the Los Alerces National Park, which started the fire. On the other hand, in Entre Ríos the police have license plate readers that are not connected at the national level with the registration of requests for vehicle seizures.

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