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The PRO is aligned so that Mauricio Macri starts

Different strategies are now deployed for the coronation of Mauricio Macri as president of the PROan objective that will at the same time seek to show party unity in addition to hegemonizing Macriism itself, the national leadership.

On March 19 the lists close and for now there would be enough consensus for a unity strip that heads Mauricio Macri, but there are also other ideas. One is to modify the statutory clauses necessary so that the internal elections of the Buenos Aires PRO coincide with the national ones that will be next June. Lawyers have already gone to work to study that possibility.

Some believe that Soledad Martinez could be the head of the PRO of the province of Buenos Aires. She is the mayor of Vicente López who succeeded Jorge Macri after replacing him in office and together with Guillermo Montenegrothe mayor of General Pueyrredón, would be two important mayors of the province.

There would also be chances for Cristian Ritondobut it would be a complete assembly of a single list to accompany the party candidacy of Mauricio Macri.

There is already talk that Jorge Macri is the head of the PRO of the City of Buenos Aires. He left the leadership of Buenos Aires before the district pass that ended up consecrating him as Head of the Buenos Aires Government. But the move would be twofold. Currently the Buenos Aires PRO is led by the district legislator, Claudio Romero who during the election season remained aligned with Horacio Rodriguez Larreta internally for electoral candidates.

With certainty that Mauricio Macri mobilized the internal. An example is that of Soledad Acuña, precisely the former Minister of Education of Larreta who yesterday told the radio about his interview in Patagonia with Mauricio Macri. The former official is also the wife of Diego Kravetz the chief of police and Secretary of Security of the Jorge Macri administration.

Acuña stated, before the radio, that he sees Mauricio Macri presiding over the PRObut in another sense he stated that before think about an alliance with Freedom Advances (LLA) It would be necessary to define what they represent as a party.

“I see Macri presiding over the PRO and leading this process of redefining borders. I discussed this with him in the south. It is time to define our ideological parameters,” said Acuña. He also maintained that “before going to future alliances, we first have to define how far we go. What is the PRO today.”

For Acuña, the internal party would be the consequence of a “shelling process” that they had been having since the moment the space lost the national elections in 2019. “From then on, trying to come together against something and not build our own definition, was dissolving us in terms of what we came to contribute to the society,” he considered.

Regarding a merger with the libertarians, the former official said that she does not imagine “a distribution of political positions” and that before joining the ruling party they want to define what are the things in which they agree with the reforms that the President is promoting.

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