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Mayors from all over the country ask Javier Milei for an urgent meeting and threaten legal action

A group of mayors from all over the country grouped in the Argentine Federation of Municipalities (FAM) met this Wednesday afternoon at the Buenos Aires headquarters of the entity – in Cerrito at 800 – and requested the national government of Javier Milei “urgent measures to stop the catastrophe we are experiencing.” The more than 500 participants decided to ask a “very urgent” meeting to the President, considering that “this is indeed necessary and urgent.”

“If not received -they warned in a press release-, the mayors grouped in the FAM We will initiate legal actions in each province for the removal of subsidies for public transportationwhich will cost around a thousand pesos”.

To the demand for transportation, the community leaders added the removal of the teaching incentive, “which jeopardizes the beginning of the school year throughout the country.” And they also expressed their complaint because the national government “has not sent food to community kitchens since Milei assumed the presidency.”

“Today we met with mayors from all over the country to define joint actions in response to the measures carried out by the national government. Municipalities have the obligation to listen and respond to our neighbors. Given the panorama of greater poverty and very high inflationwe are obliged to warn and demand that national authorities take urgent measures to stop the catastrophe we are experiencing,” said a statement from the FAM, which asked Milei “to respect the National Constitutionthe division of powers and federalism”.

“Collectively articulating, from local administrations, is our priority today to provide urgent responses to the demands of the residents of the municipalities throughout the country, without ideological or party distinction,” was mentioned in the document released after the meeting.

The mayors and participating officials

In addition to Espinoza, the Buenos Aires mayors Mayra Mendoza (Quilmes), Gustavo Menéndez (Merlo), Andrés Watson (Florencio Varela), Federico Achával (Pilar), Pablo Descalzo (Ituzaingó), Gastón Granados (Ezeiza), Gustavo Barrera (Villa) were present. Gesell) Marisa Fassi (Cañuelas), Juan de Jesús (La Costa), Juan Andreotti (San Fernando), Mario Secco (Ensenada), Juan Ustarroz (Mercedes) and Mariano Cascallares (Almirante Brown), among others.

Also participating in the meeting were the communal chief María Emilia Soria (General Roca-Río Negro), Ricardo Lemos (Laguna Blanca-Formosa), Susana Zenteno (Valle Viejo-Catamarca), Matías Espejo (Jachal-San Juan), Martín Ascua (Paso de Los Libres-Corrientes), Roger Neadini (La Banda-Santiago del Estero), Pablo Graso (Río Gallegos-Santa Cruz) and Matías Stevanato (Maipú-Mendoza). Buenos Aires officials Alberto Sileoni (Education) and Silvina Batakis (Environment) also attended the FAM meeting.

Questions from the communal chiefs

The entity stated in a statement sent to the municipalities that it observes with “extreme concern about the anti-federal and extortionate path that the national government has taken” through measures that generated an “unprecedented impact on the lives of each resident of our cities.”

At the beginning of February, the FAM had expressed his “alarm” at the economic measures implemented by the administration of Milei. “Faced with the imminent panorama of greater poverty and very high inflation, we are obliged to alert and demand that national authorities take urgent measures to stop the looming catastrophe; provincial and municipal jurisdictions are being attacked in an unscrupulous manner, generating a unprecedented impact on the life of every Argentine citizen,” the entity had warned on that occasion.

Among other points, the Federation criticized that the national government “does not send food to community kitchens” and observed that “demand” in these establishments “increased by 30%, as a consequence of the increase in the price of food and the drop in the income of the middle class and the popular sectors”.

Regarding transportationthe mayors grouped in the FAM They also pointed out that the Executive Branch cut “all transfers to the provinces” and questioned this measure, maintaining that it was an action that affects “the millions of workers, students and retirees.”

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