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Patricia Bullrich distanced herself from Mauricio Macri and said that the change must be supported without speculation

The Minister of Security and current president of the PRO, Patricia Bullrich, This Thursday he distanced himself from the former president Mauricio Macriwithin the framework of the negotiations for an officialization of the agreement between that force and La Libertad Avanza (LLA), and stated that “change must be supported without speculation.”

“The agreement is very easy because our voters went en masse in the second round to vote for Javier Milei,” Bullrich said this morning in statements to Radio La Red, in which He confirmed that he does not have to “ask anyone’s permission” and stated that he represents the party majority of the PRO since it won “an open internal one.”

“It is not a co-government, it is not a matter of positions but of principlesbut we have to see if we can bank on this later, because when push comes to shove, some end up saying ‘don’t touch this, be careful with this interest that is mine,'” the official stated.

According to Bullrich, “the Argentina of maintaining everyone’s interests and wanting to change does not exist. You have to break some eggs to make an omelette, so my goal as current president of the PRO is to bring the party to a strategy of change.”

“Today the PRO is in the process of change, the militants, the legislators, there will be a tiny minority that is not there, the people support it and it is a matter of making it happen, it is not that difficult”he added.

Along those lines, he recalled that “the 37 PRO deputies voted in favor of the law (Bases), in particular and in general.”

“The PRO voted massively for the law. Everywhere the PRO has a decision to change. It is not an issue with Macri. It is an issue with the PRO. We had a very strong change in the PRO and that was noticeable when I won the PASO. My goal as president of the PRO is for the PRO to be seriously aligned with a change, not half measures,” she said.

He recalled that “the PRO voter went en masse in the second round to vote for Milei” and considered that “now that has to be really aligned, strongly, in this change that the President is carrying out.”

“I believe that this is not a co-government nor an issue of positions but of principles, values ​​and ideas. We agree with the idea of ​​a capitalism of rules, without perks, in a simple economy with low taxes. We agree with not having deficit. We bank on this. How many bank on a change and how many bank on the change, because when push comes to shove, how many made a fool of themselves saying that they were going to make a change and they don’t,” he said.

And he concluded: “The Argentina of wanting to maintain everyone’s interests and wanting to change does not exist. It is like this: you have to break some eggs to make an omelet. There is no alternative. My goal as current president of the PRO, I will no longer be in a future, has been to bring the PRO into a strategy of change. Today the PRO is in the change, there may be a tiny minority that is not there, but 99 percent are there. It is a matter of making it concrete, it is not that difficult.

More differences with Mauricio Macri

Patricia Bullrich and Mauricio macri.jfif

Other times. Patricia Bullrich and Mauricio Macri.

When asked if Macri seeks to retain ownership of the PRO, Bullrich responded: “I don’t know, I don’t know if he’s going to appear on a list, I’m not going to speak for Macri, I know what I read in the newspapers” and added: “It is not a problem of shooting, but change must be supported without speculation, so head on, I am more direct, I am convinced, and I am going to the front.”

“I don’t want to do an interview talking about Macri, I’m a minister, I’m involved in other things, I’m not interested in doing an interview being Macri’s psychologist. Talk to Macri,” he said, distancing himself from the actions of the former president, who remains in the south on vacation and is estimated to return to Buenos Aires in the coming days.

Bullrich insisted that “there was a very strong change in the PRO” that was “noticed when I won the PASO” and asserted: “My objective today as president of the space, later we will see who is next, is that whoever is aligned, is aligned in serious about a change, and not about narrow measures”.

“I represent a majority part of the PRO, that’s why I managed, when no one thought about it, to win a few PASO internally. The thought that I had was the dominant one in the party, and in the people,” he said while remembering that “it was not a closed internal vote, it was 7 million votes.”

The head of Security added that for this reason she feels that she can “generate that social representation, because the party is not only about being the leader, but about the people who vote for you, and I believe that these people are aligned with change and placed in the position of to say ‘don’t let us thwart change again.’ And I think people are willing to take to the streets to defend change at any time, and under any circumstance.”

Teaching conflict

On the other hand, he also referred to the teachers’ claims and insisted that “The big question is how to twist the arm of the mafias” in reference to the unions that “are now threatening not to start classes” and defined that “here the way is the fight.”

“They are the ones who want to stop the law, the ones who carried out a general strike, they are still going to try to turn you around so it is better to move forward with a path of change that says ‘I am moving forward’, it will take a little longer because not everything I will be able to do it because they do not give me the instruments (the Bases law) that I need to go faster, but without a doubt, it is the way,” he added.

Also, he referred to the governors and complained that “they fight for every share point of each tax” when “the National State is melted” and concluded: “we are going to align the interests with what all Argentines need.”

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