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The Salary Council meets after the inflation data and protests are expected in the street

The meeting will take place starting at 4:30 p.m. at the Ministry of Laborlocated at 650 Leandro N. Alem Avenue in this capital, as specified in resolution 27/2024 of the Ministry of Human Capital, which was published in the Official Gazette.

The order of the day was stipulated “Call for the appointment of two councilors present from each sector for the signing of the minutes” in a previous meeting, called at 3:00 p.m.; and then the “consideration of the issues brought to the plenary session by the commission” which will be analyzed in the second session, starting at 4:30 p.m.

There, the determination of the Minimum, Vital and Mobile Wage (SMVM), and the minimum and maximum amounts of the unemployment benefit will be discussed.

In addition, the members of the commission were called to meet in previous meetings today in their respective sessions, starting at 10:30 in the assigned areas.

Salary advice: the CGT demands an 85% increase

The General Confederation of Labor (CGT) anticipated that it will demand an update of at least “85%, due to the devaluation and inflation accumulated between the months of December 2023 and February 2024.”

“The call to the Minimum Living and Mobile Wage Council is an area of ​​dialogue with the aim of recovering some of the purchasing power of the most impoverished sectors,” the labor union expressed yesterday in a publication on its official account on the X platform.

To establish the position that will be held at the meeting of the Salary Council, the National Executive Board of the Autonomous CTA (CTAA) met and ratified “the action plan against the mega DNU” of financial deregulation of the Executive.

The labor union led by Hugo ‘Cachorro’ Godoy announced that “it will demand that there be increases every month (of the SMVM) and an increase that immediately exceeds the values ​​of the basic poverty basket.”

The SMVM for last January was $156,000while the basic basket for a worker without family burden was $491,367, and the basic basket for indigence in the same period was in the amount of $285,561 and, according to the CTAA, “its projection for March would be around $376,925” .

Meanwhile, the head of the Workers’ Association of the Capital State (ATE-Capital) and deputy secretary of the CTADaniel Catalano, anticipated yesterday that “we are going to ask for everything”, given the call of the national Government to the Council meeting.

Salary Council: protests by social organizations

The meeting of the organization, the first of the administration of President Javier Milei, will be replicated in the streets with a new protest by social organizations, which will insist on their demands for “increase in amounts for attendance at canteens” communities that they manage.

As anticipated in a press release, cooks and coordinators of soup kitchens from various piquetero organizations have planned to gather starting at 11 at the doors of the labor portfolio headquarters.

Among their demands, social organizations will demand “a minimum wage equal to the basic basket”they will ask that “the amount of the Complementary Social Salary be maintained at 50% of the SMVyM” and will demand “no to the decoupling of Empowering Work.”

“The inflation accumulated these months, especially on food, was liquefying the income of workers in general, but it hit hardest those who were already in poverty and indigence,” they argued in the statement.

They also said that the call to the Council “must contemplate the desperate situation of millions of people who depend on their reference: formal workers, retirees and also those who receive a Complementary Social Salary, the Empower Work.”

Representatives of the National Territorial Federation (FeNaT-CTAA), Libres del Sur, the Rebel Argentina Movement, the Darío Santillán Popular Front (FPDS), the Coordinator for Social Change will participate in the protest; the Front of Organizations in Struggle (FOL); the FPDS-Plurinational Current and the Movement for Latin American Unity and Social Change (MULCS).

There will also be representatives of the Socialist Workers’ Movement (MST); April 8 Movement; FAR and Marabunta Cup; the Federation of Autonomous Base Organizations (FOBA); the Free People’s Organization (OLP) Resist and Fight; the Juana Azurduy Movement; Up those who fight; the MTD Aníbal Verón and the MTR for direct democracy, among others.

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