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Government increased school aid for students up to secondary school by 311%

February 16, 2024 – 10:45

The benefit went from $17,000 to 71,000 and reaches more than 7 million school-age children and adolescents. The day before, the President had advanced the measure.

President Javier Milei signed a decree by which increased the allocation of school aid by 311% for education from initial to secondary level. This benefit, which now amounts to $70,0000reaches 7,300,000 children, it was officially reported.

He Ministry of Human Capital prompted the update of the amount, which was $17,000. The benefit also reaches 3,500,000 minors with parents in a dependent and single-tax relationship and 500,000 associated with non-contributory retirements and pensions.

Who can apply for School Aid

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Buenos Aires province

The decree indicates that the increase is due to the fact that the country “is going through a situation of unprecedented severity, generating deep imbalances that negatively impact the entire population, especially socially and economically.”

The families that can apply for School Aid are families that receive a Family or Universal Allowance, have children from 45 days to the month they turn 18 years old and who attend school, whether initial, primary or secondary level. /polymodal.

If they have children with disabilities who receive special education, attend protected workshops, rehabilitation centers or receive support from registered private teachers, there is no age limit.

To obtain the benefit there will be a maximum income limit for the family group of $3,960,000 (gross) and a maximum limit for each member of the family group of $1,980,000 (gross).

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