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In the midst of the bidding with the Nation, Axel Kicillof closed a salary agreement with the Buenos Aires state and negotiates with teachers

Union representatives state of the province of Buenos Aires agreed with the Buenos Aires Government on a 20% increase for February salaries and teachers brought the same proposal to the bases for considerationunion sources indicated.

The meetings between authorities of the Government that he heads Axel Kicillof and union representatives began with the sector that brings together Public Administration workers determined by Law 10,430, with whom a 20% increase was agreed with respect to the last salary agreed in 2023 and monthly openings of the joint ventures will be held.

“The 20% increase achieved practically equals January inflation, so we decided to accept the proposal made by the provincial government,” Claudio Arévalo, general secretary of ATE province, said in a statement.

“Unfortunately, due to the situation that the country is going through, we are going to have to maintain monthly negotiation sessions to prevent the salaries of Buenos Aires state workers from being pulverized,” said the unionist.

In this framework, Arévalo criticized the president Javier Milei for the “cutting of resources that is being exercised against the province as a form of political discipline against those who oppose the adjustment being dumped on the popular majorities.”

The joint activity continued with the Buenos Aires Teaching Unity Front, made up of the Amet, FEB, Sadop, Suteba and Udocba unions, which indicated that they will take the proposal to be analyzed by the different organizations.

Yesterday, after the meeting, the teachers expressed their concern about the economic situation and raised the need to “obtain an increase that will be received in the first days of March and that will allow maintaining the purchasing power of the salary in the face of escalating inflation.”

“It is evident that the situation raised by the Government of the province of Buenos Aires is delicate, especially with regard to financing for education and the direct impact that this has on the salaries” of teachers, the front indicated.

Although the unions highlighted the decision of the Buenos Aires Government to pay the incentive and connectivity, they stressed that “the failure to send budget items by the national government is a methodology that not only attacks the parity mechanism, but further aggravates the economic situation in the face of escalating inflation, deteriorating the salaries” of education workers.

In the text, the teachers requested “job stability at the levels of technical education, higher artistic education and higher education” and stated that they are going through difficulties as members of the IOMA due to “the liberalization of the prices of medicines and health services and the dominant position of corporations.”

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