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MEP dollar rebounds after four losses in a row and is once again around $1,100: how will the week end?

In that context, the MEP dollar rises $5.88 (+0.5%) up to $1,092.74, after having registered heavy losses in the last two wheels. The gap of this exchange rate with the official is located in the 30.9%.

For his part, the CCL dollar gives up $4.80 (-0.4%) until $1,148.48. In that way, the gap with the official exchange rate it is positioned in the 37.5%.

The MEP dollar rebounds: in what context?

This Friday, the president Javier Milei revealed that in June of this year it could eliminate the dollar stocks as the previous step to dollarization: “The estimates of International Monetary Fund (IMF) they say that we can open the stocks in the middle of the year“.

Last Thursday, despite the fact that inflation moves at a pace of 20% monthly and that this month is characterized by a lower demand for pesos, Financial dollars reached the real minimum since Javier Milei assumed the Presidency.

Economists explain the phenomenon in a excess supply and one low demand by companies. According to an analysis of Personal Investment Portfolio (PPI), the counted with liquid touched these days a new real minimum in the administration of Milei.

Even when taking perspective, plummeted a real 21.8% from the peak it reached on January 18when this price reached the equivalent of $1,503 today ($1,312 nominal).

How much is the official dollar trading at today, Friday, February 16

In the official exchange market, the wholesale dollar increased 60 cents to $835.10, under the administration of the BCRA.

How much does the blue dollar trade at today, Friday, February 16

He blue dollar is traded in $1,045 for the buys already $1,075 for the saleaccording to a survey of Ambit in the caves of the City.

Price of the dollar card today, Friday, February 16

He dollar card or touristand the dollar savings (either solidary) listed in $1,365.60.

Crypto dollar quote today, Friday, February 16

He crypto dollar or Bitcoin dollar operates at $1,119.17according to Bitso.

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