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Ministry of Commerce simplifies the entry of electrical materials

February 16, 2024 – 10:16

In order to resolve thousands of pending procedures for importing electrical products for the productive sector, the Government simplifies the entry processes into the country for this type of inputs. How is the measurement?


The Government provided, through the Commerce secretarya measure that seeks to simplify the import process of electrical materials for the industry in order to find a solution for more than 3,000 pending procedures that made it difficult to incorporate technology from productive sector.

According to reports, so far, the electrical devices intended for the production process had to go through a cumbersome certification process before the Ministry of Commerce prior to importation, but, as of Resolution 61/2024 published this Friday in the Official Gazette, these controls were eliminated and “access to the goods that , from now on, will enter the country through a sworn declaration of suitable use, that is, intended for industry and the productive sphere.”

As explained by the secretariat, the new regulations speed up the flow of imports for the productive sector and eliminates manual procedures that do not generate added value for the industry. That, on the one hand, and at the same time “proposes an effective and transparent inspection system aligned with international parameters.”

Importation of electrical materials: the origin of the standard

The measure was promoted by the Secretariat of Commerce in conjunction with the Secretariat of Simplificationdependent on the Head of the Cabinet of Ministers, within the framework of a first stage of measures to survey and review regulations aimed at updating, modifying or eliminating obsolete regulations as appropriate, and automating the greatest number of certifications, prioritizing the security of the consumers and the quality of products.

The Secretary of Commerce, Pablo Lavigne, stressed that “This is one more measure to reduce the impact that bureaucracy has on the economy real”. And at the same time he pointed out that “it represents an incentive for production and investment in the country.”

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