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Trust funds and deregulation of social works, the first objectives of the Government’s technical table

This Friday the Government began the “technical table“which will advance through decrees on the different points of the omnibus law, which foundered in Congress, constituting the first parliamentary defeat of Javier Milei. In a meeting, which lasted about an hour and a half, those in charge of carrying out the libertarian reform plan defined what the first battles would be.

In this framework, it was the presidential spokesperson, Manuel Adorni, who was in charge of announcing one of the measures established at the work meeting. This is the elimination of “some trust funds which represent half a point of GDP”. The measure, which seriously affects the provinces since it is a fund that is used to carry out public works, represents, according to official estimates, about US$2,000 million. “We appeal to politics to understand that transparency is above all else”the official launched in his press conference at Casa Rosada.

According to the spokesperson, those funds “they lack transparency.” “Let’s finish these boxes”Adorni said.

santiago caputo.jpg

Presidential advisor Santiago Caputo.


Sources with an office at Balcarce 50 told this medium that Javier Milei “he wants to give impetus with great fanfare” to the elimination of funds, which will be carried out through a DNU.

The same sources also revealed to Ambit that another of the topics that was addressed at the technical table – which is made up of the former head of the BCRA Federico Sturzenegger, the presidential advisor Santiago Caputo, the Executive Secretary of Government of the Headquarters José “Cochi” Rolandi, and the Secretary of Legal and Technical, Javier Herrera Bravo- was the deregulation of social works.

Regarding this last point, the Government indicates the objective is “transparent” the work of the entities, although at the same time they point out that “Milei is convinced that we must go all out against the guilds“.

In addition, it was confirmed to this medium that progress is being made in the defunding of the National Institute of Cinema and Visual Arts (INCAA), and it is not ruled out to return by decree to the retirement issue, regarding which the omnibus law proposed eliminating the current mobility formula and make a new calculation.

Javier Milei and the possible coalition with the PRO

While Sturzenegger – still without a position in the Government – commanded the meeting of the technical table on the second floor of the Government Palace, the president Javier Milei He monitored the situation from the Quinta de Olivos.

From there, the president gave an interview to Radio Rivadavia while he delegated the issues discussed in Rosada to his advisor. Santiago Caputo. Another of his trusted people, his sister Karina, is meanwhile in charge of following another of the most important negotiations that she is facing during these LLA hours: that of a possible coalition with the PRO.

As he was able to reconstruct Ambitthe official held a meeting on Thursday with Hernán Lombardi, a man linked to Patricia Bullrich, who in turn is the link between both parties. In fact, from the Cambiomita environment they indicated to this medium that, upon his return from Patagonia, Mauricio Macri wants to meet with the Minister of Security before making any decision.

As it is, a summit between Milei and Macri is cooling off for now. Added to the second’s agenda is that of the Head of State, who next week plans a trip to Corrientes and a meeting with Joe Biden’s head of diplomacy, Antony Blinken.

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