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We can go out in the middle of the year

In radio statements, the libertarian president assured that “if we finish cleaning up the remunerated liabilities of the Central Bank and carry out the financial reform, we can dollarize. The Fund estimates that if we continue doing this, at the pace we are doing it, We can clean up the balance sheet of the Central Bank and open the stocks in the middle of the year“.

“If everything continued as it is now, the IMF says that we can open the stocks in the middle of the year. That is very important information because I have the inflation rate falling. The stocks are an excess of demand in the foreign exchange market that has as a counterpart, an excess of supply in the rest of the economy. When you eliminate the stocks, and that excess demand is eliminated, all the remaining excess supply is eliminated then the interest rate drops, activity and employment increase and the number of poor and indigent falls,” he added.

The President also stated that “The hardest time will be between March and April” and then “as you hit rock bottom, you start to bounce.”


Javier Milei mentioned the possibility of eliminating the dollar stocks.


Milei: “The hardest moment will be between March and April”

“Following the IMF estimates, the hardest moment will be between March and April and, from there, you hit rock bottom and started bouncing. If everything continued as it is now, the IMF estimates say that we can open the stocks in the middle of the year and, when you open the stocks, the economy shoots forward,” Milei said this morning.

The libertarian also assured that the economic impact of the coming months on the population is “a problem that the provinces have to solve”: “Responsibility of the provinces, if the provinces are not in a position to correctly manage their provincial finances, it is a problem of the provinces. This is a federal country. Education (also) is a problem that the provinces have to fix. Education, safety and health are their responsibility. What do I have to do as a Nation getting into the issue of teachers?

Javier Milei assured that the Government will not define the minimum wage by decree

“You won’t see me setting any price”. Under that premise, the president Javier Milei rejected the possibility of defining by decree an increase in Minimum salary, vital and movilafter the failure of the meeting between unions and businessmen, in which there was no agreement or mediation by the Government. “Partnerships are free”he confirmed.

The President expressed himself like this in an extensive interview with radio Rivadavia in which he also ruled out convening the national teaching parity, in the midst of the conflict with the governors after the elimination of the incentive given to teachers. “It is the responsibility of the provinces,” he insisted.

Yesterday the meeting between business and union leaders was frustrated in which the increase in the minimum wage, which is $156,000, was to be defined. The unions expected an increase of 85% to take it to $288,600. But they assured that the employers did not make any proposal and that the Government also did nothing to bring positions closer. On the contrary, they claim that he positioned himself on the side of the companies.

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