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In January there was a primary fiscal and financial surplus

During January, he National Public Sector (SPN) registered a financial surplus of $518,408 million, the product of a primary surplus of $2,010,746 million and the payment of interest on the public debt net of intra-public sector payments, which reached $1,492,338 million. It is the first financial surplus since August 2012, and the first in a January month since 2011.

SPN’s total income for the month reached $6,147,232 million (+256.7% yoy). Tax collection showed a growth of +256.9% yoy explained by both the performance of foreign trade and domestic economic activity.

In that sense, on the foreign trade side, export duties grew +574.3% yoy (+$545,482 million) and import duties registered an increase of +377.3% yoy (+$207,943 million). For its part, the PAIS Tax registered an interannual increase of 1,302.3% (+$442,174 million).

While among the taxes linked to internal economic activity it is worth mentioning the collection corresponding to VAT net of refunds (+$949,317 million; +288.7% yoy) and debits and credits (+$379,947 million; +248.3%).

On the other hand, income corresponding to Social Security Contributions and Contributions increased by +$1,079,789 million (+165.7% yoy) and property income grew +$184,380 million (+327.4% yoy) .

Primary expenditures of the National Public Sector reached $4,136,487 million (+114.6% yoy), Social Security benefits amounted to $1,599,676 million (+125.0% yoy).

Remunerations reached $691,168 million (+158.1% yoy) as a result of the increases granted within the framework of the agreed salary policy.

Current transfers rose +114.6% yoy in January

Current transfers reached $1,406,927 million (+114.6% yoy). Those corresponding to the private sector showed a growth of +$654,680 million (+125.6% yoy). Among them, those inherent to social benefits, PAMI, family allowances, Food Policy programs and the National Program for Socio-productive Inclusion and local development stand out.

Current transfers to the public sector in January reached $228,954 million (+$95,222 million; +71.2% yoy), among which financial assistance to universities stands out for $145,682 million (+$85,940 million).

Likewise, economic subsidies grew by +$54,877 million (+27.5% yoy), where those allocated to transportation increased by $92,937 million, while energy subsidies registered a year-on-year nominal drop of -$25,649 million.

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