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Javier Milei shared a tweet against María Becerra for a show in Formosa

The libertarian president reposted a comment from a follower on platform The Governor of that province, Gildo Insfrán, paid 90 thousand dollars to Maria Becerra to sing at the Corvina Festival that took place last week.

The accusations of the libertarian user, reposted by the Head of State, arise after “La nena de Argentina” defended Lali Espósito on social networks.

retweet milei.jpg

Javier Milei’s retweet against María Becerra.

María Becerra’s defense of Lali Espósito

Through Instagram and. The cruelty towards her is violence and makes it clear that “They want to silence her,” the singer began writing. Then, she added forcefully: “We are artists, each of us has our own voice and these behaviors only remind us of a chapter in the dark history of our country… do you remember?”

Immediately afterwards, Becerra expressed his desire to live in a peaceful country. “I want to continue living in democracy, I want to continue listening to diverse voices, I want my partner Lali Espósito to continue singing and working calmly as she has done since she was so young without being persecuted and that I hope life crosses us on stage one day,” she concluded in an affectionate manner towards her colleague.

Javier Milei deepens his war against culture: “The root of the Argentine problem is moral”

The libertarian also responded to the statement made by Lali Espósito on social media. and vindicated his position against “a cultural architecture designed to support the model that benefits politicians“: “The root of the Argentine problem is not political and/or economic, it is moral.”

Through his official account on platform

“When one exposes the hypocrisy of any sacred cow of right-thinking progressivestheir heads explode and they immediately resort to all kinds of emotional responses and false and crazy accusations with the aim of defending their privileges tooth and nail.”

“Thus not only those who are receive the privileges of politicians in terms of remunerations that cannot be validated on the market, but those politicians, governors and mayors are also exposed who use the resources provided by tax payers to carry out political propaganda, and of course the most miserable beings in politics also appear in search of some advantage that is leveraged on what is politically correct (even if deep down it involves a violent act ),” he added.

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