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Victoria Villarruel called a preparatory session for February 23

The DPP decree 10/24 signed by the vice president establishes that the parliamentary meeting will take place from 10. That same Friday he was requested by the Frente de Todos interblock to hold a special session to discuss the Decree of Necessity and Urgency (DNU) 70/23 signed by President Javier Milei as soon as he took office.

However, that bench must still await the approval of the vice president, since the Rules of the Upper House give the power to the head of the Senate to choose the day and time of the special sessions requested by the legislators.

Senate: what the session called by Villarruel will consist of

According to the Regulation, The Senate must hold its preparatory session every February 24 or the day immediately before if it were a holiday, and that is why on this occasion that activity falls on a Friday.

On December 13, three days after Javier Milei’s government took office, the Senate held a special session in which the authorities of the Chamber were elected.

On that occasion, La Libertad Avanza (LLA) obtained the support of the majority of the opposition bencheswith the exception of the Frente de Todos (FdT), which denounced the special session as unconstitutional, to retain the Provisional Presidency of the Upper House, as well as the Parliamentary and Administrative Secretariats and the majority of the places in the 46 commissions that make up the body.

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Ignacio Petunchi

DNU: Pichetto’s bloc insists on Menem to form the Bicameral Commission

After the claims of the Radical Civic Union and Union for the Homelandthe block We make Federal Coalition -made up of 23 legislators- sent a note to the president of the Lower House, Martin Menemto define the eight parliamentarians who will make up the Bicameral Commission.

“There are no reasons for delaying the responsibilities that correspond to us. Therefore, we also request that the communication of the people designated to integrate the Bicameral Commission by Deputies“, states the document, which adds that “it is our duty to complete this process since, otherwise, these regulations could be affected by precariousness, which also implies undesired effects for the normal functioning of institutions“.

The importance of treatment DNU in both chambers is that, until they reject by vote the text of the decree, it remains in force and has scope in the sectors pharmaceuticals, real estate, credit and prepaid health. If one of the two chambers approves the DNUits reforms will continue in force.

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