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When are trains stopped?


The union brings together locomotive and train drivers.


When is the train stoppage

“At the meeting of 02/16/2024 it was decided to exercise the right to strike (Art.14 Bis of the CN), the February 21, 2024of 00:00 to 24 hours“, says the statement that bears the signature of the Secretary General of La Fraternidad, Omar Maturano.

The press release argues that the unemployment will be carried out “in response to the lack of joint discussion and salary proposal appropriate to the rampant inflation that deteriorates the salaries – which are of a nutritional nature – of the management staff of trainscausing them irreparable damage“.


Communiqué from The Fraternity.

Communiqué from The Fraternity.

Meanwhile, the union that brings together locomotive and train drivers specifies that the measure will be adopted “within the explicit recognition of the Argentine constitutional law“.

We made a request and there was no proposal from the Government. They moved us to Wednesday and then they suspended the meeting. Therefore, we got together today and decided on a measure of force for lack of answers“he explained Maturano in dialogue with Radio Splendid AM990.

In turn, the general secretary of the machinists union, assured: “The mandatory conciliation, sometimes we accept them, when they are favorable, and other times we have not. “We will see what the Government does and then, if we have to accept it, we will accept it.”


Argentine Trains.

Buses and trains board: the minimum costs $270 and $130

Since the beginning of February, the increases for him public transportboth in the collectives as in the trains that circulate through the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area (AMBA).

Now, after the citizen participation event, the tariff table, formalized in the Resolution 5/2024 published in the Official bulletincontains increases of 251% for the bus fare and 247% or 169% -depending on the line- for the train.

In this way, the new tariff table places the minimum bus ticket from 0 to 3 km in $270 and to train from the $130 for people who have the SUBE nominalized.

The social rate -for beneficiaries of retirements, pensions, Universal Child and Pregnancy Allowance, and Progresar Scholarships, among other plans- continues to grant a 55% discount in the fares, so, in such cases, the minimum fare is $121.50 for collectives and $58.50 in trains.

Those who have not registered will pay $429.30 the group and $260 the train from April 1st.

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