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Governors await a call from Javier Milei and do not accept another interlocutor

Javier Milei He broke his end of the bargain and governors They were left without delegated powers. In the only face-to-face meeting of the provincial leaders with the President in Pink House, The head of state had specifically asked that they vote for the economic emergency with superpowers and had promised to take charge of the restitution of the Income Tax to once again share those funds with the provinces. But none of that happened.

The libertarian government withdrew the fiscal chapter of the omnibus law, He refused to share the PAIS tax and exacerbated the whip on discretionary items, funds for education, transportation and public works. With the negotiation triggered, and without interlocutors, the Peronist, radical and PRO governors left La Libertad Avanza without votes for the sections that made the delegated powers operational in addition to putting a stop to the chapter on the privatization of public companies.

From Karina Milei, passing through Santiago Caputo, Guillermo Francos and even Luis Toto Caputo, all the interlocutors sent by the President to negotiate with Congress ended up failing. Now the Governors only accept Javier Milei as a possible interlocutor and are waiting for a call to rediscuss a new fiscal pact that has not arrived for now.

Javier Milei and his whip

He financial whip de Milei closed the crack in the league of governors and compacted the opposition. From the Peronist Ricardo Quintela from La Rioja to the PRO governor of Chubut, Ignacio Torres, presented precautionary measures to stop the elimination of the transportation compensation fund for the interior.

The Patagonian president even added the mayor of Comodoro Rivadavia, from Unión por la Patria, Othar Macharashvili, to his judicial presentation. Milei responded to the judicial offensive with the elimination of at least 9 trust funds, a tool created precisely to guarantee the sustainability of public policies in a context of fiscal restriction and budget cuts. These trusts have less disaggregation when it comes to controlling the distribution of funds and in the 1990s there were only five. Currently there are 29.

Last Friday, the President received Jose Luis Espert in Olivos. The head of the Budget and Finance Commission is increasingly questioned by deputies. Not only by the opponents whom he points out with his axiom “jail or bullet” but also by the legislators of La Libertad Avanza who point him out as one of those responsible for the lack of an agreed opinion when it came to voting on the omnibus law at the venue.

A group of LLA deputies insists on putting one of their own in charge of that strategic commission and not an ally of Together for Change like Espert. The future of the liberal economist will be tied to the possible changes in the Deputies following the uncertain agreement between Milei and Mauricio Macri to reset the design of the cabinet.

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Last Friday, the President received Jose Luis Espert in Olivos.

Governors in crisis

However, Espert posted a striking message after visiting the President in Olivos: “To end this permanent and sick discussion of funds between the Nation and provinces and go to a true FEDERAL country, the Nation and provinces are required to agree on what public spending each will make. one and What taxes will each one collect SEPARATELY? (or co-participation without redistribution)”.

Espert’s proposal of not share more resources It is a bucket of gasoline in the middle of the conflict between the Casa Rosada and the provincial governors. The Minister of the Interior, Guillermo Francos, will have his trip this Tuesday to Salta and will meet with the local governor, Gustavo Sáenz. The event will be within the framework of the event for the 211th anniversary of the Battle of Salta, in which other provincial leaders will also participate. It will be Francos’ first approach to the governors after Milei’s harsh criticism of the provinces after the fall of the law omnibus, which did not pass the Chamber of Deputies. In fact, Sáenz was one of those targeted by the President as part of the “traitors”, since the Salta deputies did not comply with all the sections of the norm and for that reason Flavia Royón was fired from the Mining Secretariat.

“We are not going to kneel before anyone. Only before God and the Virgin of the Miracle. There are no traitors or liars here. Retirees are having a hard time. “They have neither medicine nor food,” the president of Salta warned this week. Also present at the event will be the governors of Catamarca, Raúl Jalil; of Misiones, Hugo Passalaqua; and of Jujuy, Carlos Sadir.

Milei will travel this Monday to the city of Corrientes, on a limited visit, to be the main speaker at the Conference “A liberal Argentina is possible” for the tenth anniversary of the Freedom Club, a foundation that has on the Advisory Council, among others, the economists Alberto Benegas Lynch (h ) -who will participate via zoom-, Aldo Abram, Roberto Cachanosky and Gustavo Lázzari and the doctor and writer Marcos Aguinis; and on the Advisory Council the national deputy and economist Ricardo López Murphy and the economist Agustín Etchebarne.

The meeting will be at 7 p.m. at Espacio Andes, located at Maipú 3840 in the capital of Corrientes and, for the moment, Milei does not plan to meet with the local governor Gustavo Valdés: “We will see if he wants to have official contact,” said the provincial leader in the last hours, after the link between Milei and the governors was strained after the frustrated treatment of the Bases law in Congress.

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