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Javier Milei is the worst thing that could happen to Argentina

February 18, 2024 – 15:29

The former president of Ecuador spoke with Radio 10 and analyzed the current political and economic situation in the country. Criticism of Milei and its dollarization plan.

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The former president of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, criticized Javier Milei and considered that the libertarian president is “the worst thing that could happen to Argentina”. Furthermore, he stressed that with the dollarization the country “it is entering a point of no return, the cost of exit is always very high” and warned that the middle class “is going to disappear.”

“I see that with 140% inflation People say ‘we have nothing to lose’. There is always something more to lose,” said the Latin American reference in dialogue with Radio 10. “The first step on a path of justice is development. The world is moving towards a non-poor society, and Argentina and Latin America are on the opposite path“, lament.

Rafael Correa pointed out against Javier Milei: “He is entering a point of no return”

“This is for having thoughtlessly bought liberalism and, in the case of Argentina, libertarianism, which is extreme neoliberalism. That kind of ideology in the most unequal continent in the world is complete absurdity,” he explained.

Regarding the explanation of the arrival to power of the current president, Correa considered that “there is a vote of rejection of the system,” although he stated that “it is not true that people do not make mistakes, even more so with the paper democracies that we have. A vote without information is useless, and today we have no information but media manipulation“.



Correa questioned Javier Milei’s dollarization plan

Asked about the prospects of dollarizationa process that Milei claimed to be close to, the former Ecuadorian president recalled what happened in his country. “Having a currency is very important for development. We did quite well despite dollarization”and stressed that it is possible in Ecuador due to “two major sources: oil and immigrant remittances.”

However, the scenario is different in Argentina and, for Correa, The country “is entering a point of no return”. “The cost of exit dollarization It is always very high and there are people who are going to be massacred, as happened with convertibility. One of the consequences It is the disappearance of the middle class“.

Later in the conversation, the former Ecuadorian head of state again attacked Milei’s policies. “A sign of incapacity is when you do not differentiate ideology from science,” he said, and stressed that “the ideology of libertarianism is unsustainable”.

“Milei is the worst thing that could happen to Argentina”he emphasized, and stated: “He seems like a bad guy to me, you can see it in his face, on an economic level his speech is outrageous.”

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