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The opposition challenged the Government because it does not have the votes in the Senate

February 18, 2024 – 1:22 p.m.

Santa Fe senator Marcelo Lewandowski pointed out that the ruling party did not extend the extraordinary sessions as a maneuver to stop the discussion of Javier Milei’s mega decree.


The senator of Union for the Homeland (UxP) Marcelo Lewandowski He assured this Sunday in radio statements that the president Javier Milei “is heading to govern by decree” and warned that The ruling party seeks to “block the sessions” for debate of DNU 70/2023 in the Senate because “it does not have the votes” that would allow its approval,” he said.

After the failure of Government to approve the omnibus law in particular in Deputiesthe opposition demands that it be treated Milei’s mega decree in the Senate. They insist on the formation of the bicameral commission of the DNU and they assured that the non-extension of the extraordinary sessions is a clear sign that the ruling party “does not want” to debate the norm in the Congress.

Javier Milei’s DNU: the opposition says that the Government does not have the votes to approve it in the Senate

“Clearly there is no will to deal with the DNU as the extraordinary sessions are not extended of the Executive. “They are heading to govern by decree,” criticized the senator for Santa Fe, Marcelo Lewandowskiin dialogue with Radio Splendid today.

Thus, Lewandowski joined the requests of other bench colleagues, when referring to the third request that the UP bloc presented in the Upper House to rule on the decree, which contemplates more than 300 articles, presented by the national government on December 20. last December and which came into effect on the 29th of that month.

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“The Government’s strategy is for the DNU to continue running because in the Senate it does not have the votes to approve it”Lewandowski assured and added that the ruling party is looking for “a way out of blocking the sessions” so that the measure “continues to run as such and is governed in this way,” he explained.

On the other hand, the Santa Fe legislator ruled out that the Senate could discuss the DNU this week because “the only thing that the president of that Chamber and vice president of the Nation, Victoria Villarruel, put on the agenda” was “a formal matter of election of authorities”.

“As the extraordinary sessions are not extended, we have to wait after March 1,” the UP senator said today. is that from that date, UP needs to gather “more than 36 senators to meet,” Lewandowski argued.

However, he commented that “the bicameral commission” that has to deal with the DNU has not even been convened and the deputies who should make it up have not been named either.

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