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They analyze removing subsidies for those who have a car or motorcycle less than 5 years old

The Government is moving forward with the objective of reducing the amount of energy subsidies (electricity and gas) and for that, consider removing the subsidy for family groups If any of its members has a car or motorcycle that is less than 5 years old, as appears from documents published by the Secretary of Energy of the Nationheaded by engineer Eduardo Rodríguez Chirillo, as quoted by Clarín.

The new rate tables for the service of the electricity distributors that operate in the Metropolitan Area (AMBA) Edenor and Edesur came into force todaywith increases of between 65 and 150 percent, but the Secretary of Energy, Eduardo Rodríguez Chirillo, assured that “the State will provide coverage to vulnerable sectors.”

For his part, president Javier Milei indicated that “part of the rate recomposition contemplates the problem of prices and part of the recomposition is via salary improvement.”

Along these lines, Milei considered that “the problem is not that the rates are expensive, but that Argentina in convertibility had a salary of US$ 1,800 and today the average should be US$ 3,000 but it is US$ 300.”

The president told radio Rivadavia thatue “prices have to be market prices, which represent the opportunity cost.”

The new values ​​were established through the resolutions 101/2024 and 102/2024 of the National Electricity Regulatory Entity (ENRE) published in the Official Gazette and will be updated automatically starting in April.

Public hearing: why they seek to extend the reduction of subsidies

On February 29, a Public audience and its objective is to avoid the judicialization of the increases, since the previous regulations, decree 332/2022, designed during the administration of the Minister of Economy Martin Guzmandetermined that increases cannot exceed, for N2 users (low income), 40% of the Salary Variation Coefficient (CVS) and for N3 users they cannot exceed 80% of the CVS of the period counted from the previous increase.

At the Hearing on Thursday the 29th, the government will present the “Basic Energy Basket”, the concept from which it presents better targeting of state aid and reducing the total amount of subsidies.


At the Hearing on Thursday the 29th, the government will present the “Basic Energy Basket”.


The rule published in August 202222 was much less restrictive regarding the granting of subsidies: they were only excluded from receiving them people who had 3 or more motor vehicles in their name with less than 5 years of service, who for this reason would become considered N1 (“high income”) and would not receive subsidies.

In that condition there are currently about de 5.3 million users of the electrical grid, a third of the total of 16.1 million. Another 50% is grouped as N2 (low income, the most subsidized) and the rest (about 17%) N3, middle income. This means that only one in three users of electrical service pays the full rate and that two out of three have a large part of their consumption subsidized.

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