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the axis will be the cultural battle, according to the organizers

February 19, 2024 – 00:00

Ámbito dialogue with the president of the Freedom Club, Alberto Medina Méndez, and with its director, Ricardo Leconte (son)


It is, strictly speaking, an entity that has maintained a link with Milei since its inception in 2014 and although since Currents They had asked him to participate virtually, the President himself was the one who was enthusiastic and asked to be in person. This is what they assured Ambit two organizers of the celebration: the president of the Club, Alberto Medina Méndez, and the director, Ricardo Leconte (son). Both indicated that the dialogue they will have with the head of state will have as its axis “the cultural battle”in relation to the change of ideas in society.

“With Javier we have a very long relationship. Already in the first year of the Club’s life, when he had no significance in the media, he came to give a lecture at an economics conference. Afterwards we did other activities, we saw it eight times, four other virtual hand-to-hand talks we had. “We also did an event in Chaco and another in Posadas,” she told this medium. Medina Mendez.

For his part, Laconte told Ámbito that the Club de la Libertad de Corrientes arose in years of management of a “populist government.” “The idea was to generate conferences, reading cycles, breakfasts, economic conferences, meetings of young liberals. Among them was the academic Javier Milei, who collaborated with us at every moment,” he said. Lacote is the son of a former governor of Corrientes, with the same name, who triumphed in 1987 for the Corrientes Liberal Party, the second oldest in South America. Thus, the district today governed by the radical Gustavo Valdes It has a long tradition in libertarian ideas.

“That bond allowed us to be in permanent contact. Around the age of ten, the conversation began for him to come; We imagined it would be difficult, due to the presidential agenda. Dates approached and he accepted the invitation, it was an impossible thing,” confessed the Club president. Medina Méndez indicated that about four thousand people were waiting: a thousand in the main hall and the rest outside.

The President is expected to travel by scheduled flight and then travel the 12 km that separate him from the “Espacio Andes” convention center, located at 3840 Maipú Avenue in the capital of Corrientes. In the province they also await the presence of spokesperson Manuel Adorni. Then, Milei will have a private meeting with Medina Méndez.

“We are talking about the cultural battle,” said the liberal leader. When asked about that battle, he expressed: “We are a think tank, a space for debate, protagonists of ideas of freedom. The dynamics of society lead us to a conversation about convictions and obviously about changing demands. “That is because a cultural battle is being generated.” ““We are going to try to talk about that process, about the change in society’s vision,” he added.. “We want to tell the intellectual process, the liberal school of thought, the nuances that exist, what Milei has gone through, with evolutions,” concluded Medina Méndez.

To complement, Laconte stated: “We have participated in the edition of two of his books, he is part of the club’s history. There is a close relationship that we have had with Milei, we witnessed his political growth.”

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