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There was a huge drop in income.

February 18, 2024 – 20:48

Carlos Rodríguez pointed out the libertarian’s economic plan and attributed the increase in poverty to “the rise in the price of the dollar, 118%, along with wage, retirement and import repression.”

Salaries did not increase, pensions did not increase and prices rose 50% in two months. Then there is a Madonna recession in the real sector. This it is the sad reality. So, of course inflation went down. So anyone lowers it,” said Rodríguez regarding the drop in inflation from 25.5% in December to 20.4% in January in a television interview on the La Nación+ channel.

Carlos Rodríguez crossed Javier Milei after learning new poverty data

Rodríguez’s questioning came after learning the data from a survey by the Argentine Catholic University (UCA) that estimated that the Poverty grew to 57% in Januarywhile a job of the UTDT estimated it at almost 47 percent.

The President once again targeted “caste” and blamed it for the worsening of economic indicators: “The true inheritance of the caste model: 6 out of 10 Argentines are poor. The destruction of the last hundred years has no parallel (sic) in the history of the West. Politicians have to understand that the people voted for change and that we are going to give our lives to bring it forward. We did not come to play the mediocre game of politics. We came to change the country,” the president said in his X account.

However, the libertarian’s former advisor questioned: “Two fundamental questions arise regarding the issue of poverty: 1-How the Caste managed to have 10 points of ‘repressed poverty’ for 20 years. What instruments did you use so that this ‘repressed poverty’ was not displayed in the statistics. 2-How did the Milei’s economic policy to bring to light those 10 points of ‘repressed poverty’ in just two months of government”Rodriguez tweeted.

The liberal, who separated himself from Javier Milei before his inauguration as head of the Casa Rosada by ensuring that his opinion was no longer heard within the President’s circle, considered that the devaluation ended up liquefying due to the enormous rise in prices in recent years. two months and stressed that the first economic measures produced a “gigantic drop in real income, consumption and production”.

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