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Wholesale prices advanced 18% in January and were below inflation

February 19, 2024 – 16:00

The general level of the Domestic Wholesale Price Index (IPIM) registered an increase of 18% in January 2024 compared to the previous month.

Wholesale prices advanced 18% in January and were below inflation

Mariano Fuchila

The general level of Domestic wholesale price index (IPIM) registered a increase of the 18% in Januarybut decelerated sharply compared to December when they had scored an unprecedented 54% monthly. It should also be noted that It was below inflation, which was 20.6% last month.

“After retail prices rose 25.5% and wholesale prices 58% in December, The question is what will be the rate of disinflation, in a context where crawling remains at 2%but the sharp increase in rates begins and there is uncertainty about the salary dynamics,” they expressed from Eco Go.

The 18% rise in the IPIM is explained by the increase of 19.6% in the national products and of 5.1% in the imported products. On the other hand, the general level of the Basic Wholesale Domestic Price Index (IPIB) He showed an increase of 16.6% in the same period (within them, there was an increase of 8% in domestic Products and 5% in imported Products).

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